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Oy! Been So Busy Having Fun!

I haven’t had much time to blog since we got to Florida. On Wednesday we did Epcot, which was neat, but not something I feel I’d have to do again (unless they added more rides). Yesterday we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. I had only been to the one in California, so everyone has told me oh you have to do Florida, it’s so much bigger! It was bigger, but seemed very similar to me in a way. We did pretty much everything but Splash Mountain, which is closed till February πŸ™ That stunk! We did Space Mountain twice and I got the front car once. Woot! We then hit Pleasure Island last night, which was so much fun! Today we head to MGM, which is now Disney Hollywood Studios. Taking it easy tonight as we have a long drive tomorrow to Miami for the cruise. I’ll try and get some photos up tonight that I’ve taken so far.

In Sunny Florida

After some airport drama for my poor friend Keith, nothing legal of course, we all made it to Florida. The BF and I did Epcot today, tomorrow we are headed to Disney Magic Kingdom for a full day. Epcot was dead dead dead tourist wise, so we zipped through it pretty quick. Honestly there wasn’t too much to do or see, but it was interested and I’m glad I did it.

More tomorrow, right now sleeeeeeeep! Only 4 hours of sleep last night because of an early early flight this morning.

Jiminy Crickets I

I got all my clothes packed, woot! I have to hit CVS tomorrow for a few essentials, namely bonine and pepto, but I think I’m done. I even have room to spare, though that may change once I dump a few folders of work in πŸ™‚ I need to leave room for souvenirs though. The BF even started packing today, though I don’t think he’s done. He is in a bind, the dress pants he tried on don’t fit! Yes I’m sharing that with the world, shoot me now. He didn’t get fat or anything, he’s just in the bind I was 2 years ago when I got on the cruise and found my suit pants didn’t fit either. Wow that was so uncomfortable squeezing into them as I had no choice. Sure I could have gone Texas style, jacket, dress shirt and jeans; but I didn’t. Psssst . . . he’s doing that this time for one night! He does have one pair of dress pants that do fit. My I’m sharing too much!

I’m afraid I don’t have much else to blog about right now. Everything in my life is revolving around getting some school work done and turned in by tomorrow and getting everything packed and ready for the cruise. Come Wednesday I should start having some pictures and fun vacation blogs to post though.



Uhg, it’s those last few days before the vacation. These days are so stressful! I’m trying to figure out how many pairs of this and that I need. The fact that Royal Caribbean ships don’t have laundry facilities on board is not a help. Not that we ever did laundry before, but it was there if we needed it. They make you send things out, and of course charge you. There aren’t even ironing boards in public areas to use! Maybe we can iron everything we need at the hotel beforehand, but they still will end up back in the damn suitcases. Keith is saying he’s sneaking an iron on board, so we’ll all probably use it. He did that last year too.

I also have to figure out what I need to bring non-clothes wise. This includes narrowing down what school work to bring, yes I’m bringing school work as I have no choice. I intend to focus at least an hour or two a day while on the ship to it. Of course I’ve said this years past, sometimes I’m able to do it, sometimes I’m not. We’ll see! Orlando will be pointless as the days will be spent at Disney and there will be no quiet time.

Do I bring both the DS and the PSP? What games? So many choices! I’ll only use these on the plane honestly, so I shouldn’t go crazy. I usually over-pack for vacations and never use or wear half of what I bring. I’m one of those better safe than sorry people. I have to plan for any event or occasion that could possibly happen.

I will do my best to update the blog while on vacation and post photos. On the ship time is money, but I’ll see what I can do. I will probably have to get permission to post photos not of us. This year we are again going with Keith, who we met two cruises ago. He’s bringing his friend Amber, we’ve never met her. We are also going with Heidi, who we met three cruises ago, and she’s bringing her husband, again who we’ve never met. See how much fun cruising is, you meet people you normally would never get to meet! The BF reminded me that at our dinner table there will probably be one more couple. Who will we be seated with? It will suck for them as we all know each other. Of course there is always that one couple that never shows up for dinner anyways, that will probably be them.

Fashion Show!

In one week we fly out to Orlando for three days there at Disney, then we drive to Miami to get on our cruise. I figured time is running out and I have not checked my clothes lately. I did buy three new shirts that I knew fit, but what of my old stuff? We had a fashion show this evening as I tried on stuff. I think I’m in pretty good shape. A few t-shirts and one or two dressier dress shirts are tighter than I’d like, but not too bad. They’ll be last resorts, or to be worn on non-bloating days. It’s a cruise, there is so much food, I don’t think I’ll be having one of those days honestly!

I also dyed the grey out of my hair tonight, figuring in a weeks time it will have faded to a more natural look. I got a haircut on Saturday. Every time I get a cut it seems I have more and more grey, so I picked up some dye. I dyed it a natural dark reddish brown. It looks okay as far as I can tell, more of a dark brown with a reddish tint to it. Of course I have to see it in the sun to be sure, it could look metallic red for all I know.

Recovering From Partying Like 1999

Found over at Moby’s

I thought this was an appropriate image after last night! Oh lordy lordy lordy . . . I’m currently waiting for the boomerang effect to hit. I’m always fine after I wake up after drinking, but a few hours later is when I get a headache from it. I got the bright idea to put the webcam on, I told my chatroom friends I would. Let’s just say some people got a show later on! No not “that” kind of show. We were just stupid, dancing around, um mooning the camera . . . . . Two of my friends will be heartbroken when they read this, they always say “Dustin ass me!” and I never do. Last night I did! Like I said, we were bad. There will be no second shows I’m afraid, good sense has returned! Anyway . . . .