Sweeney Todd

Tonight we went out to dinner and then hit the theater to finally see “Sweeney Todd.” A very, um, interesting movie? Violent and twisted for sure! I can see why it didn’t last long on Broadway back in 79 when it opened. For those who don’t know the story, it’s about a barber who is wrongly imprisoned by a judge so the judge could get to his wife and child. The barber returns for revenge and starts killing people, and the woman he hooks up with bakes them into her meat pies! It was an interesting movie, one of the more twisted and darker musicals I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it’s something I’d feel the need to see again though.

The show had a reprise a few years ago and I actually wanted to see it but didn’t. The original Broadway production though has been put on DVD, so you can go back in time and watch the role Angela Lansbury won a Tony award for (I think one of many actually). I could also hint that if your searched on YouTube you could also find someone has posted the whole DVD/show there as well, but that would be wrong of me! I’m in the process of watching it now to see how it compares to the new movie.

Speaking of the movie, I wanted to play a little Sweeney Todd myself with the three teens sitting behind us who wouldn’t SHUT THE HELL UP. What made it all the worse is they were clearly dragged there by their parents, who were probably the ones who wanted to see the film. The parents did NOT sit with the kids and I was tempted to yell at the parents after the movie, telling them if they insisted on dragging their children to movies with them then at least sit with them so they could be bothered by their talking.


3 Responses to “Sweeney Todd”

Aravis Says:

The Angela Lansbury version was shown on HBO back when Sweeney Todd- and HBO- were new.

Yes, I’m that old.

I liked it, and would watch it again. But it isn’t something I would watch often.


Becky Says:

I remember the Angela Lansbury version. I haven’t had the time to see the new movie, but I do want to. I’ll probably stick on my Netflix list.


The Bartender Says:

I thought the movie was ok, I only went to see it since my husband and step-daughter were dying, pardon the pun, to see it.

I would rather have rented it, so I could have slept, lol.