The Ghost Of Annie Palmer . . . Believe It Or Not!

Another quick update, when I have a chance I’ll sit down and type out what we’ve been doing all these days with photos. This one I had to share now though.

Today in Jamaica we went to Rose Hall, which is a famous historic plantation house known best for Annie Palmer, called The White Witch by the people and slaves at the time. You can probably google her and Rose Hall to get the full story. The short version is that she was an English woman who married one Richard Palmer and moved into Rose Hall, which was a house in the Palmer family. Annie was raised with a haitian nanny, who schooled her in voodoo. She tortured her slaves with spells as well as good old fashion be-headings. She also killed her first husband with poison, her second by stabbing and pouring hot oil in his ears and the third she strangled with the help of a free slave lover of hers. She also cast a spell on the lovers lover Millicent, as she was jealous, and killed her. The free slave lover, enraged, killed Annie Palmer at the ripe old age of 29.

Clearly there is a lot of negative energy in this house, and it apparently hasn’t been stayed in since 1963, when the last guests who were brave enough fled in the middle of the night. The told us on the tour that many people capture spirits on their film, and they had examples of many of these photos in the museum area. I snapped the following photo of Annie’s own bed, which many others have captured odd images. If you look on the left of the headboard I at least clearly see three faces. The first is very large and kind of looks like George Washington lol. I showed the BF it on my camera, but he couldn’t see well because of the sun and just said it was probably the light reflecting and knots in the would. Well it could be, but it is a pretty neat effect if it is. To the left of George and at the top I see what looks like a woman’s nose and lips. Below that some kind of evil pair of eyes. You can click on this photo to blow up the original photo.


Annie Palmer and her dead husbands? Believe it or not!


7 Responses to “The Ghost Of Annie Palmer . . . Believe It Or Not!”

boo1 Says:

I seen George Washington and the evil eyes right away. I see a nose with the evil eyes and a white mustache. It took me a few to see the lips and nose of the lady. SPOOKY!


hot lunch Says:



Marie Says:

I see both of those head and I see another. It is meshed in with the George Washington look alike. “George’s” eye is the top of his head. He is facing sideways. Looks like he has a mustache.


Marie Says:

PS This head is smaller than the others and if you cover the one half of “George’s” head (cover our left, George’s right) you can see it more clearly.


*HelloKitty* Says:

If you look at the whole headboard going towards the right, you can see more faces.


Emerald Says:

That is totally f’n cool!!


Carrie Says:

Wow, that’s pretty wild!