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Shopping Done? I Think So!

I think tonight I purchased the last of the major Christmas presents. Woohoo! I still want to try and get a few small things. I might hit the local mall here on Wednesday and browse and see if anything pops out at me. I am planning to drive home on Saturday, which doesn’t leave much shopping time for down there. I would like to hit one of the malls and get a few things, but it may be easier at this point to order them online honestly. Parking will just be a nightmare (Tysons Corners for anyone familiar with NoVa malls). If Wednesday’s trip is good, I won’t need to do anything else though. I don’t have a list, just want to see if fun things pop out.

Oh and we got short changed with the big snow, as I thought we would. Hell we didn’t even get freezing rain, just rain, and two days of insane winds. The ten day forecast doesn’t look like they’ll be any snow for Christmas either.

A Call For Blogroll Blogs

If you read the blog and have a blog of your own, and aren’t on my blog roll, please leave a comment with your blog url filled out in the comment/url form! I recently went through and cleared out some old blogs from the blogroll that hadn’t updated in months. However I know some people have possibly changed their blog urls and I have yet to catch on. Others are maybe newbs or have never commented, leave one! I enjoy reading blogs, even though I’m bad about commenting. Currently I use as my link list, which is somewhat good about indicating those who link to me. However over the past many months I’ve grown a bit dissatisfied with them, so I’m soon to just move to a hard coded link list via my own blog software. So now is the time to comment so I can add you to the blogroll πŸ™‚

– Dustin

Christmas Trees, Snow and Stuff

So here are some photos of the gayest tree in the world. It’s not your traditional tree, which readers from past years may recall. I think it’s on its last legs this years too . . . . thankfully! At first it was fun, now I’m over it and am ready for a change. I will admit, it does look neat at night when it’s lit up. The BF loves it though. However every year it’s more of a chore to get it up and working, as the lights burn out and have to be replaced. We have two of these silly trees, every years he pillages more and more of the lights from the spare to plug into this one. That’s why I think this is the last year for the tree, there isn’t anything left to pillage at this point. Of course it will probably get replaced with some blindingly electrifying LED nightmare πŸ™‚

img_4409.jpg img_4424.jpg

Tomorrow evening we are due to get hit with something. My hope is for a great big snow storm, but reality will probably bring a nasty mix of rain and sleet. I am so hoping for a nice big storm that just makes everything outside peaceful and quiet. I love when the snow makes traffic stop. Plus I really detest having to walk the dogs in nasty sleet and cold cold rain. Walking them in the snow is no picnic, but at least nicer than the sleet and miserable rain. Of course if we get snowed in, I’ll probably get distracted by the snow when I need to be writing school work πŸ™‚ That reminds me, I should probably go to Blockbuster and get some movies since I’m sure nothing will be on TV either this weekend, assuming everyone else hasn’t run to the store and rented everything in anticipation of the storm.

Shameless Kitten Photo!
Mamma Mia Trailer!

OMG Yes Please! Found at Hot Lunch

So I Pissed Of Someone Who Can

I got a nasty comment left on the blog, deleted it cause I didn’t want it there, but then it made me angry. I grew even more angry when the person who left it didn’t leave a valid email with her nasty comment, as I responded to her. I figured if she was going to be nasty, I was going to respond! So I am posting her comment and my response as a whole blog post! Yes I got that pissy. Oh and sorry, there is language in this post!

Tessa left the following comment in response to my Christmas/ABC Family Channel post in which I called Lifetime “Television for Lesbians.”

How dare you refer to Lifetime as Television for Lesbians. You obviously have no respect for women and treat them like dirt. That is why you have no woman in your life and live with your dogs. Maybe the answer to that question is that you are a fag. I don’t know who you think you are, but fuck you, asshole.

Wow! Where to begin. First with the obvious . . .

1) It was a JOKE. I love Lifetime, I watch it as I obviously commented on their programing. Again it was a joke and play on their own slogan “Television for Women.” I guess you didn’t get the joke? Sorry, my blog is not a serious one, I thought that was obvious.

2) As for the obvious, well yes mam I am a fag if you hadn’t figured it out. I don’t know if you just didn’t bother to read anything else on the blog or what.

3) How DARE you lecture me about respect or treating people like dirt when you left a message on my blog calling me a fag. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

4) You left an obvious fake email address, because my response to you telling you some of these points bounced back to me as no such user. I won’t give your fake email out to the world, however someone like you who would throw out the word fag like that to someone has no right to call yourself a feminist (which was suggested by your fake email username).

-Dustin, a fag with a sense of humor.

Christmas Town!

So here are some photos of my Rudolph village which I set up. I set it up on two tables/dressers upstairs. I debated whether to do that or put it downstairs in the guest room. I opted for upstairs, as there isn’t much Christmas up there. I was planning to put snow down, but am to over decorating at this point! I will probably, if I motivate, put some white drop clothes down.

img_4414.jpg img_4412.jpg img_4415.jpg

img_4418.jpg img_4419.jpg img_4420.jpg

I think I’ve pretty much finished all my Christmas shopping, except for the BF. I am on the fence over a few things and which to get, since they are pricey. They are more house gifts too, stuff we’ll both enjoy. I’m leaning towards one over the other as I can also get things specifically for him on it πŸ™‚

Word to the wise, tis the season for online shopping, don’t be cheap and select ground shipping! I just did and it looks like one thing won’t arrive till the 24th, others might not arrive till AFTER Christmas. Grr! The things that might not arrive till after actually are for me. My dad sends me a check and I buy what I want. I shipped them to my home in VA as it would keep me from opening them early πŸ™‚ However I didn’t expect it to take so long to ship and arrive! Oh well.

Nikko and Princess FINALLY go to the groomers on Saturday. They are a month overdue, stinky dirty doggies. It just so happens Santa will be there for pet photos that day πŸ™‚ If I could get the monsters to sit still, I might have a photo of them (and me) taken with Santa.

ABC Family Channel Ruins Christmas!

Last year I bitched and moaned about the ABC Family Channel and their “25 Days of Christmas” programing. Now in years past I’ve always enjoyed it, because it was Christmas programing. Last year (and the year before) they started adding things like “Harry Potter” to their line up, obviously to fill in and draw viewers. While the movies have a 3-5 minute Christmas scene in them, they AREN’T Christmas movies. Now they’ve added “Mary Poppins,” again NOT a Christmas movie. Well I just saw a commercial for “The Incredibles!” While I like this movie, to my knowledge, there isn’t even a Christmas scene in it! What the hell ABC Family Channel? You need to invest in purchasing some Christmas movies to show for your “25 Days of Christmas” programing! You are being beaten out this year (and last), in my opinion, by the Hallmark Channel and even Lifetime: Television For Lesbians.

Nativity Roundup!

Today the BF and I pretty much decorated the house. The tree is up, just barely. I’ll have photos and a story about that one soon. Other nicknacks are up, including the Rudolph village. Photos on that one soon too!

I also got the nativity from hell, aka the entire town of Bethlehem and then some up. I didn’t have enough space for everyone, I need to plan better next year. The BF joked he would build a display just for it. He’s however the one upset the whole thing didn’t go up, saying it would make Baby Jesus cry.

I put the main “traditional” pieces on top of the china cabinet. I left the Roman coliseum picture up though, I should have taken it down. Oh well. I then put on a hutch across from the cabinet some angels and various figures. I at least tried to make a theme, the angelic band, the villagers rejoicing in song (band), and shepherds and animals.

Take all the figures in these photos, double them, that’s the amount of the entire collection! Yes sadly about half didn’t get up this year. Oh well!





And because it goes with the post theme, here are the wise men my grandma made years ago.

Sci-Fi Tree

The house is decorated, with love and care, in hopes that Saint Nick will soon be here. Okay yeah I know, that’s not how it goes, and well it doesn’t even rhyme. We finished decorating today, so I’m headed home tomorrow . . . . to decorate some more there! Given there is nothing on TV this week thanks to the continuing writer’s strike, we’ll probably put up the tree tomorrow and decorate other stuff. My mom has been getting this Rudolph Christmas Village for me from the same people who make my never ending nativity and the Nightmare Before Halloween Christmas Village my BF has. So I’m taking it home with me to set up, um, somewhere. Since we never decorate the upstairs area of the house, I think I will put it up there. Either there or in the guest room downstairs. It has to go somewhere! The never ending nativity meanwhile is going to be a little conservative this year I’m afraid. I just don’t have the space for it anymore, I have too many other decorations, so I will not be setting up the entire town of Bethlehem.

Anyway, here are some photos of he Sci-Fi tree I worked on last night and today. It has a mix of classic blue lights and new fangled LED lights. The LED lights are a tad blinding I’m afraid. However I don’t have enough of the old fashion blue lights anymore, each year another strand of them seems to die! My mom picked up the LED this year to try them. The tree is radioactive now! Oh it doesn’t have a topper yet. I have to pick something up, probably a star or something.