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Crap Weather

So it is drizzling out right now, overnight rain is supposed to come in. We are supposed to get heavy rain all day tomorrow, possible flooding. They are also saying on Sunday night through Monday we could see snow flurries! What the hell! I had planned to do a few errands tomorrow, but I might be locking myself in the house if the weather is that bad.

Last night I watched the remake of “Black Christmas.” It wasn’t half bad! It has of course been years since I saw the original. I’ll have to rent the original to compare. I do know in the original we were never given an explanation as to why some guy in a Santa Suit decided to go on a murder spree at a sorority house. This time there was no Santa suit, well only for a bit, but we got a back story. It was a slasher, blood and guts, pure and simple. For what it was, it wasn’t bad.

I picked up “Super Paper Mario” for the Wii yesterday and finally got a chance to play it today. Way fun! If you have a Wii then pick this one up, it’s a winner. I’m about to go sit on the sofa and play a bit more of it before popping in another movie to try and get myself in the mood for bed time.


Happy Friday the 13th! Er, So I

The plans for tonight with my friends fizzled. One friend actually got sick. I myself wasn’t feeling so hot, I woke up with a bit of a headache and have been sorta dazey all day. It took me faaaar to long to do what needed to be done. In fact, I’m still finishing work! So much for my movie/game night!

Also thanks for the comments on Red Robin burgers . . . . now I REALLY REALLY want one!

Anyways, I’m off to finish some stuff and try and enjoy what’s left of the evening.


Why Are You Advertising That Here?

I keep seeing commercials for Red Robin on the TV. It got to the point where I decided “Damn I have to go get one of these Red Robin burgers!” I went to their website, there aren’t any anywhere near me! Why are they advertising here? I hate that! There are some near home in Virginia, I guess I have to wait till I’m back home to try their food.

I haven’t decided what to do about tomorrow. It’s going to depend on how I’m feeling, ho much I get done and who all is in on the night out. Right now I’m honestly leaning at vegging on the couch and watching a few horror films 🙂 Hey it is Friday the 13th afterall!


Chh Chh Chh Chh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh

Friday the 13th is coming! I was initially bummed as Emily is out of town and Jen is going to a baseball game. I thought it would be fun to do something for the 13th like a scary movie night. Then I decided I could just stay in and watch scary movies or play some horror videogames on my own. I have a few movies I’ve rented and not gotten to and I have tons of videogames I’ve never finished.

However today I got a call from another friend, whose name I won’t mention as she might not like it 🙂 Anyways she invited me out on Friday for dinner, drinks and possibly to meet up with another friend. I thought cool, maybe I’ll have plans after all! Not exactly scary movie night plans, but fun none the less. I always have a good time out with them.

Now though I don’t know what I want to do. Part of me wants to go out, the other part would rather just have a night on the couch. I dunno, I guess I’ll see how I feel come Friday. Weather will be a factor too, they are saying a Noreaster could be coming in this weekend. I’m not going out in the soaking rain! I’m sick of the cold, I’m sick of the rain and I’m sick of the grey skies. When is spring going to get here? Oh yeah, we had it back in frickin January!


Back Home

So I drove home today. Rented a car on Monday for Tuesday, I was amazed I actually got one! I guess most people made the trek home from Easter Weekend on Monday. Note to self, don’t be cheap and save five bucks getting the economy rental car. What a difference five dollars can make! They gave me a Toyota Corolla which was utterly nasty. It hadn’t been cleaned and it was a complete bare bones vehicle, no frills at all. I think someone’s child also put something in the air conditioning as you could hear something rolling around in the passenger dash area. Annoying!

I made it home though, with the stinky smelly dogs. They were so clean and nice smelling only a week ago, no they smell worse than before their bath! I’ll have to take them to the groomers soon, they need their nails done as well as a good bath.

I had taken school work home with me this weekend, but of course got nothing done. *Sigh*. I have to get back on the ball tomorrow. While at home I also stayed up WAY too late every night, later than normal. I am taking a sleeping pill tonight to try and kick my butt back into a more normal sleeping cycle.

Finally over to the Sanjaya show. Sadly he was not the worst tonight by a long shot, so I don’t think he will be going home this week either. I’m pissed that Clyde isn’t going home on “Dancing With The Stars.” This is like Sanjaya all over. Maybe America has had it with reality TV finally and is purposely voting for stinkers?


Just Suffer, Cause I Am! posted this. I had never seen it. Oh good lord! Funny thing is Lisa Rinna danced to it on the first season of Dancing With The Stars!

I don’t know what is more disturbing, the video, the fact that the song is annoyingly cute and gets stuck in your head . . . . or that the entire song is about waking up and eating breakfast with your family. “Oha” means “Good Morning.”


Brrrr It

We are getting a freeze tonight, a freeze! I want spring back and I want it back now. Anyways hopefully everyone had a good Easter. We didn’t do much. I sorta sat around and watched really bad cheesy movies most of the day. Don’t ever watch that movie with Heather Locklear and Hillary Duff, what a giant turd of a movie that was!

Keith, Heidi and I are starting to think about what we want to do for vacation next year. The BF and I met Keith and Heidi on two different cruises (they are a couple so I don’t confuse people). We went on a cruise with Keith this year again, we hope to get Heidi back next year 🙂 However we can’t figure out what we want to do. I think we kinda want to do something other than Carnival and are looking at Royal Caribbean. The other ones are generally a bit too expensive. I don’t know, we have time to plan and work it all out.

Since I’ve been home in Virginia I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for the theme parks down here. I want to go! I want to get on a roller coaster that goes upside down many many times. It’s been awhile 🙂 My friend Zan is moving to the Virginia area this summer and I told her I’d come and visit and we’d hit Busch Gardens together.


No Snow

It started snowing late last night, but by time I woke up, it was all gone 🙁 No snow on Easter it seems.

There has been a lack of anything on TV today. I did watch “Legally Blond” on TBS. I never realized Nikki from “Heroes” was in it! Way cool! She plays Brooke, the woman Elle has to defend.

Tonight I tuned into to watch “The Hearse.” I had seen it years ago, a made for TV flick about a woman terrorized by a black hearse. Wow, it’s still as bad as it was back then. I’m currently tuning into “The Terror.”

I was watching a marathon of “Rosanne” on Nick at Night. Why is it they NEVER seem to play the episode where they meet the girls from Ab Fab? I think Nick at Night must not have been allowed to buy/air that episode for some reason. They always skip over it, and it is such a good one. DNA sweetie . . . Jurassic Park!


This Is Brilliant

I found it on Scott-O-Rama

I Should Be In Bed, In Bed I Said!

I’m soooooooo tired. I think I fell asleep at 2:30am, woke up around 4am to let the dogs out, woke up again around 6:15am to take my mom to the hospital for tests. I was able to go back to sleep around 7:15am until about 8am, where I drifted in and out for the next hour until having to take my mom home.

I had meant to take a nap, but it never happened. Why I’m not in bed right now I don’t know. In other news, it is “supposed” to snow tonight. Yes, snow. We are supposed to have snow for Easter weekend. Obviously God is playing a joke, you are supposed to have snow on Christmas!