The House Is Alive . . . With The Smell Of Onions

First off, it may have to be a couch day! I woke up with the worst back ache/muscle cramps. I either slept all wrong, was stressed out or am getting old (probably a combination of all three). Hey, at least I don’t seem crabby today!

I went to the store and got what I needed for the French onion soup. The onions are slow cooking now . . . . and will take almost 10 hours to caramelize! I didn’t realize it would take so long, should have read the recipe. Around midnight I should finally be having my soup 🙂 This weekend I’m going to try a recipe for hot fudge spoon cake. Mmmmmm.

Tomorrow is the big Scissor Sisters concert. I can’t wait! We are headed into the city to have dinner with my friend Jen before the concert. After the concert we may be looking for fun somewhere in the city. I’m just hoping the insane rain coming in won’t make it a wet night.



5 Responses to “The House Is Alive . . . With The Smell Of Onions”

KipEsquire Says:

Email me some of that french onion soup! 😉


JKane Says:

Have a fantastic time at the show. I’ve seen them twice and they are amazing live!


jeremy Says:

Have fun boys… We will see then next week.



Christine Says:

Hey Dustin,

I LOVE French Onion Soup, but I’ve never made it in a slow cooker and none of my recipe books have a recipe for that. Would you mind emailing me the recipe?

Thanks a bunch and love your website!



Aravis Says:

You’re sending me some of that soup, right? *G* Feel better and enjoy the concert!