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I Got A D In Handwriting

when I was in fifth grade. You’d think I would have learned to write better! I made a mistake when I wrote my Wii code down (okay I thought I wrote a 4 not a 9).

My actual Wii friend code is 5820 7419 9273 4529


PS You will need to leave or email me your code as we both have to enter them for it to work (safety feature)

PSS I corrected the code in the previous post as well

Nintendo Wii: Cheap and Fun!

So I figured I should do a Nintendo Wii update, for those who have it and need some game ideas as well as to trade Wii numbers. First up my Wii number is 5820 7419 9273 4529. You can find yours by going to the message/envelope icon and then going to your address book. Flip to the first page of your address book to find your number. Add my number under register a friend and I should be able to add your number, though I may need you to leave your number so I can also add it. Unlike an IM it may not automatically send me a message saying you’ve requested to be added as a friend, we may both need each others numbers (which is how it works for DS games).

Looking for games? I have a few, and as usual never enough time to play them all. If you need an adventure game then look no further than “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.” A beautiful game, great fun, but be prepared to put some time into this one! It’s also not a game you can just pick up and put down. Well you can, but you won’t get very far if you play that way.

If you like mini-games then “Wario Ware” and “Rayman Raving Rabids” are probably for you. Both challenge you with quick and (sometimes) easy games. In Rayman the games have a little more depth and last longer. You generally are faced with 4 games and must beat 3 in order to advance to the next set. Some of them can be frustrating! In the Wario game the mini-games are quick and over in about 15-30 seconds. Generally you just have to do something like smack a fly, the quicker the better. The challenge here is they come one after another and you have to stay on your toes.

The last game I’m recommending is a puzzle/strategy type game. “Trauma Center: Second Opinion” puts you in control of two surgeons, one an expert with a secret and one a novice with a budding talent. There is a fun little story that goes with the game and as you progress you learn the secrets the characters hold. In it you have to perform a series of operations which as the game goes on, become more complex. You pretty much just have to be quick on your toes and pick the right procedures in the right order, otherwise your patient dies. If you are squeamish don’t worry, the game is anime style and not realistic. When you first play it there is a sense of “eww gross!” to it, but you quickly get over it. This game is addictive!

Also don’t forget to hook your Wii up to the internet! If you don’t have a wireless router than you can either buy a wired adapter, in stores, or buy the Nintendo WiFi connector, which is a small USB stick you install to a desktop or laptop that is connected to the internet. This will turn your PC into a wireless base station that the Wii can connect to. Once connected to the net you can visit the shop channel and download games from yesteryears. I of course highly recommend the Mario games, especially if you didn’t have the originals or got rid of your old Nintendo systems long ago.

One last thing . . . below is a video of a phony commercial that spoofs the Mac Vs PC commercials, though involving the PS3 and the Wii. It’s hilarious but may offend the very conservative (who probably aren’t reading this blog anyways). It may damage some gay men as well.



Amen and hallelujah . . . my laptop came from HP today. It’s exactly like the old one but with a few upgrades added in for my patience in waiting.

What else is here? The freezing Arctic cold weather! It is 17 degrees out, but feels like 2! Tonight it is supposed to go down to 5 degrees. I’m afraid what it will feel like outside as I’m going to be walking the dogs. Brrrr!

Please Stop Looking at My Bum!

Another night of odd dreams! Once again they involved amusement parks and my ass. This time I was at what I guess was a resort, but seemed more like a high school converted into a resort if you ask me. Near the place were two huge amusement parks, though nobody seemed to be able to tell me how to get there or what their names were. I could see them, but I couldn’t get there. At some point during this trip I went to the gym to work out. Something happened with my locker, it was broken into or something. I was very upset as my ipod was stolen. I was more embarrassed than upset, because apparently my ipod had nothing on it but porn. To make matters worse I was stuck in a towel only and had to run back to my room like this!

What else has been going on? Well we’ve been trying to stay warm. It’s going down to 10 tonight, that’s not with the windchill. Tomorrow I think it is supposed to hit 7 or 6. Brrrrr! I’m calling the doctor in the morning to make an appointment about my eye, which I’m sure will result in me being sent to an actual eye doctor. I have to get stuff to my adviser for school this week. I had hoped to go in and meet with him, but I have no idea what will happen with the doctor so emailing him stuff will have to do until I can see him, probably next week. I won’t lie, I hate making the trek into school nowadays when I don’t have to!

I’m going to make a Nintendo Wiiiiii! post soon. It seems more and more of you all, as well as blogs I read, are getting them. We need to trade Wii numbers so our little Miis can visit each other while we sleep. Who knows what mischief they’ll get themselves into.

Last night we watched this movie “The Gathering.” It just came out at Blockbuster, but is in reality several years old. It stars Christina Ricci as an American backpacker in England. She ends up being hit by a car, gets amnesia and is taken in by the family who accidentally hit her. She begins having weird premonitions of the towns people dying and tries to solve the mystery before they all die.

My BF decided that the movie was stupid, though he watched the entire thing. I actually enjoyed it. There are some twists and turns and it has a religious nature to it. It involves the crucifixion, Joseph of Arimethia and a church he built dedicated to . . . . . and there is the twist! Once it is revealed you will quickly figure everything out, but it’s still a good movie.


Are You Looking At My Bum?

The BF and I went to PF Changs for dinner last night. It was the first time either of us had ever been there. It was gooooood! For our appetizer we got pork dumplings. He had the crispy honey shrimp and I got the spicy chicken. Because we had never been they gave us a free dish, some spicy talapia (sp?) with pineapples. I don’t eat fish but it was gooooood! Unfortunately later that night the BF got cramps. Was it the food? Maybe! This is the second time after eating shellfish he’s gotten sick though. I told him no more. Unfortunately I woke up with a wonderful migraine. Was it the food? Maybe! However one of the big fat cats got into the room and sent me into an allergy fit, making it hard for me to sleep. So that could have been it too. We loved PF Changs, but are a bit afraid to go back.

Last night I had the weirdest dream ever. Well maybe not ever, but in a long time. I was vacationing with my cousins of all people. We were at some beach/amusement park type place, where I don’t know. I remember venturing out and while walking back from the park saw this very old and very out of shape old man wearing a “Borat” style bathing suit. If you don’t know what that is, consider yourself lucky. I couldn’t fathom as to why he’d want to show that much skin. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had no back to my shorts, my butt was hanging out! I had walked around all day like this. I quickly pulled my shirt down as far as I could and scrambled to get back to the room and change. Why had nobody told me my butt was hanging out? I didn’t understand!