I don’t know how I feel about last nights episode. It was frustrating for sure. The BF called how it would end half way through, with her mom dying and basically telling her to go back.

I don’t feel like we got an explanation as to why all the ghosts were in the hospital. Denny was suggesting for some reason or another they were all trapped in limbo, though Kyle’s character said not him, he did what he was to do and finished his life mission. Denny I could see staying in limbo in the hospital in order to be near Izzy. What was with the girl who kept bleeding out? Again, seems like limbo and she’s replaying her death over and over. Anyone else have another take on what that was? The BF said maybe they were all in Meredith’s head, but then she wouldn’t have known her mom was dead now would she?

I love Christina shopping at the 1$ store and boozing it up. I also like her saying “Meredith is my person.” I’ll have to remember that and randomly say that one to my friends when we are out and about.



3 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy”

karen Says:

yah, i was kinda confused as to why they were there, but kyle said not him? it was very sad at the end when he was “standing” next to izzy. i have to admit i was tearing up through the whole show, but i did call that at the end she would be all better and talking again, completely fake. i work in a hospital and after being so impressed by the shade of blue/gray they made meredith (because it was so real looking, everyone at work agreed), i was disappointed, but knowing it was the wrap up of three shows of course she had to be all better. i loved how denny was talking about mc dreamy how he is such a rare kind of man. i felt so bad for denny. it could have all just been in her head and it was just coincidence that her mom did die, but i loved hearing her mom tell her she was anything but ordinary, especially since mc dreamy had just yelled at her about that. i will be watching it again tonight, that is for darn sure, especially since i missed the first 10 minutes getting home from work.


kat Says:

The lady who kept bleeding out was one of her previous patients. It was from the episode with the subway crash or something and there was a guy and a girl who got pierced in the stomach with the same pole. And they couldn’t save both people. They ended up saving the guy because he had more chance of survival and the girl bled out and died. Meridith was upset at Bailey and Burke and was wondering why they couldn’t save both people. “How do you choose who you save and who dies?” I think that girl was there because Meridith stil wasn’t over it…? And even in the “afterlife” she kept telling herself that she could save her, but she has to let go of it. ?? That’s my guess, long and overwinded I know 🙂


jeremy Says:

The ghosts showed up BECAUSE Meredith contemplated suicide after her mother dissed her during that lucid episode and Meredith was loosing her grip of reality and her zest and respect for the human existence she was loosing.

If you paid attention to past episodes her mother sent her to places she could not break out of. Her mother made her question her existence and if it was wirth living…

The reference to the “tub” was a shadow of her committing suicide in the tub, which is why Denny brought it up! They wanted to know if she gave up and sank to die or did she fight to get out of the water? Finally Meredith understood and conceded the point that she DID give up, hence she ended up there for a life review.

The girl was a patient that she worked on and lost, it was a moment of loss for Meredith. Meredith was always self conscious of her existence. With her mother dying and meeting up with her there, and she said that “Meredith was anything but ordinary” and she told her to run, and sent Meredith back to the living. The two were reconciled in the “In-Between.”

I think the meeting in the afterlife will come up later, we shall see. The fact that Denny was there – tells us that he was not ready to cross over, because he said that he and Izzy sometimes ended up in the same space at the same time, as the end montage showed us, finally, we think Denny crossed over, after helping Meredith understand the importance of Life and Living… The Nurse with Liver Cancer died on Meredith’s watch too. She knew Alice Grey all too well and she was a conscience reminder to Meredith. She called it as she saw it. To remind Meredith that she is not her mother…

Meredith had to learn the value of a human life, that’s why she met those four people on the other side… The bomb guy died saving Meredith’s life once, so he was trying to save her as well again – she wasn’t meant to die…

I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and my life has become unmanageable…