Amusing Bumper Stickers

Driving to the Hair Cuttery today (a waste of time as I refused to wait there for an hour for a hair cut, which means I have to go back tomorrow) I saw a car with two great bumper stickers. I’m always amused by good bumper stickers and wonder where they get them. Anyways one was a black ribbon with a red outline and it said “Hey some asshole stole my charity ribbon magnet!” The other said “Stick it in! It’s the law!” . . . . it was for seatbelt safety 🙂

That is my update for today 🙂 I actually wasn’t going to do a post, but really felt I needed to share those bumper stickers. I was all set to go to bed, but decided I couldn’t sleep just yet. I got out of bed to play Nintendo for a bit, but sadly have gotten sucked into “Growing Pains” reruns. Damn you Nick at Night!



4 Responses to “Amusing Bumper Stickers”

Aravis Says:

I used to love that show but Kirk Cameron’s belief in and involvement with the Left Behind projects has ruined it for me.

I really like the stolen ribbon bumper sticker! *G*


sortedlives Says:

I hate having to wait that long too! I go to Great Clips up the street and Aris has been cutting my hair for 5 years. (I know, someone lasted that long) She has quite the fanclub so it’s always a hit or miss.

Good luck trying to get one today!


DWQ Online Says:

I love those stickers. Too cute.


jess Says:

My husband and I seen a “Support Farting” bumper sticker up at Spencer’s. Needless to say, he so badly wants to get it but I told him I refused to ride in our car with that bumper sticker on it. LOL