Calling All Techno Geeks!

I need some advice 🙂 I need to get a new mouse for my laptop, and I’ve needed a new keyboard for months. Currently both are Microsoft products, which I’ve been happy with. However I would venture into logitech land with a good recommendation. The keyboard I have is wired, the mouse is optical.

The question is, do I go for a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo or just stick with the optical? I’ve noticed there are a lot more optical sets out there than bluetooth, I’m not sure why though. I’ve also noticed the bluetooth sets haven’t often been updated since they were released (several years ago).



6 Responses to “Calling All Techno Geeks!”

DWQ Online Says:

I love my wireless Microsoft mouse so I would have to recommend it.


Kaye Says:

Dustin, You should stick with the optical mouse and get a wireless keyboard. Thats what I have and I just love it. Never heard of the Bluething before. Its not a southern thing LOL. Bye for now


Dustin Says:

Bluetooth uses a built in receiver in the laptop 🙂 That is the main difference. For the optical mouse and keyboard you have to attach a little round receiver. (for my mouse it’s a little USB stick)


Aravis Says:

Dustin, I use the logitech optical mouse and am really happy with it. But it’s about what works for you. :0)


DavidMo Says:

I like my bluetooth mouse but it takes some getting used to. It can be really sensative to movements.


Debby Says:

I’m a Mac person, so I’m not sure how much I can help. I do love my Bluetooth mouse and I have heard many good things about using it with a PC. Never had any problems with it. Like DavidMo says though, it can be sensitive until you get used to it. That didn’t take me long though. It really is a cool little gadget that I would personally not do without!