Let There Be Snow!

Last night we got s small dusting of snow. So far this year we really haven’t got much snow at all. The one storm we did get happened while we were on the cruise, and it was gone by the next day. I know people in the Midwest are sick of snow, but i really want snow! I want at least one good storm that shuts everything down for a day or two.

I had my eye doctor appointment today. I don’t need glasses, my eyes seem to be healthy and nothing appears wrong with them either. As for what is in my eye, it probably is just a floater. There is nothing that can be done unfortunately. He said most get better, but it’s a long process (weeks!) If I get more then I have to go back as it is a sign something is wrong.

Today I found out (I’m behind the times) that ABC is going to do an American version of Footballers Wive$ in the fall. Yippee! This could either be a great show or they could just royally screw it up. i don’t see how they can ever recast Tanya though. Word to the wise ABC, don’t try it, just get the real Tanya to be in your version.

We head to Virginia tomorrow. This weekend is the big Days Chatroom Get-Together. After I get back I have to throw myself headfirst into school work. No more trips, no more distractions, no more excuses. The same goes for getting back into shape! I have to start eating healthy and getting regular exercise.



2 Responses to “Let There Be Snow!”

jeremy Says:

“Floaters” fun.. I have one in my left eye. And I can see it when I read because it moves with my field of vision as my eye moves… UGH! I’ve been told that I just have to live with it. Oh Well, I had once inquired about having it lazed away and I was told no!

If you want snow, you can always come here, it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. YAY!



Steve Says:

They’re saying we may be done with any major snow here for the rest of the winter. *finger’s crossed* Chris says he wouldn’t bet on it, but I’m hoping it is. Have a nice trip to Virginia.