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As in Clarke you dirty minded people! It’s officially New Years Eve. The countdown to 2007 is on. I made the mistake of looking at the menu of the place we are eating at tonight. I did not realize it was a Medeteranian themed restaurant. My friend loves it and she made the reservation. I figured if she liked it I would. Well I’m not sure what I’ll be eatting yet as there is a lot, I mean a lot, of seafood on the menu. I am not a seafood fan.

Here is hoping everyone has a happy and safe new year!


Check . . . Check . . . Check . . .

Haircut – Check!

Shopping – Check!

Dress Shoes – Check!

Page Updates – Half-Check

Exercise – Survey Says X!

Orginaization – Survey Says X!


Suzzane Somers This Is My Bad Side!

For some reason I’m in a bad mood today. I don’t know why either. I think it may be because I have a lot to do this weekend before Sunday. Page updates have to be done early on Sunday rather than later (otherwise I’ll post a message saying everything will be updated Monday morning, Happy New Year!). I need a hair cut badly, which I’m sure will be a wait given it’s the day before New Years Eve (I go to Hair Cuttery). I need new dress shoes, something I detest shopping for. I have a lot to straighten up around the house and have to get my school work organized and in order to start work on. I’m sure come tomorrow I’ll realize there is something else I need to do. I really want to go to the gym and work off some stress, but I don’t know if I have time to get there!


Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble!

Above is the bubble light candelabra that my BF gave to me as one of my Christmas gifts 🙂 I’ve never seen one, it’s so cool! As kids we had a little tree and had bubble lights on it.

In other news, New Years is FINALLY shaping up. The BF and I are having dinner with Jen and her BF in old city Philadelphia. Then we hope to meet up with others and head out to find some form of entertainment. One place is having a “burlesque” show, whatever that entails. At midnight the city shoots off fireworks. I’ll be taking a camera!

Once New Years hits I have to once again get serious about school work. I have to pour myself into it before heading off on the cruise, otherwise I’ll think about what I SHOULD have done when I should be on vacation.


Quick Blog!

Drove home to Jersey today. So I’m pooped. We went grocery shopping as there was no food in the house. The BF had the house spic n span when I got home, which was nice 🙂 Exchanged our gifts. He got me bubble lights! I’ll post a photo of them later. His niece and nephews gave him a Rubik’s Snake, which I’m currently playing with. I saw them at the mall when I was shopping, though they call it something else now. We still have our original snakes, which were bigger. I like them better, but hey it’s still fun.


Day After Christmas Heart Attack

Woke up this morning, or was woken, by my mom at 8am banging on the door. “I can’t find the dogs, they aren’t in the backyard!” Half asleep I panicked and thought I had left them out there when I let them out around 4:30am (damn that Nikko). But no, my mom had let them out this morning. Sure enough, they had escaped! There is part of the fence that Nikko slipped out through once. We try and secure it now, but one part was missed or more likely Nikko got the stone that was there down. HOW they fit through this tiny little hole I will not know. I found them about 4 houses down playing around in a neighbors yard just having a ball. I was so frickin angry, yet at the same time relieved they hadn’t gone that far and were still alive. Needless to say I am going to have to by a roll of chicken wire and completely secure my mothers fence now.


Merry Christmas!

From Princess . . . .

From Nikko . . . .

And From Me (Dustin – not pictured)

We Want To Wake Up To A Big Surprise!

So here we are, the night before Christmas and all through the house . . . . the doggies are yapping at everything that goes by the windows. Yesterday Keith and I hit the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I think I can safely say unless I’m going by to get some quick dessert-to-go for some reason, I don’t need to have Cheesecake Factory for awhile. I’m kinda pooped out of it. Besides the last two times I went I wasn’t impressed with some of the things I got there.

Today I sat around watching Christmas specials. I only ran out to get some movies. I rented ‘Material Girls,’ God help me. We had our Christmas dinner tonight actually, ham and stuffs. The Chinese restaurant is opened tomorrow, so I’m heading there for takeout and having myself “A Christmas Story” dinner. No duck though, I’ll probably be getting a tofu dish.

These are some of the peoples lights in the neighborhood. The first, I don’t know, Mardi Gras inspired bead tree? The second one was kinda neat. There was a third house I didn’t get that I liked, it just had this big snowman image projected onto the house. It was different yet cool. I tried not to take too many photos, I don’t need to be arrested for casing the neighbors on Christmas Eve.

Be sure to keep track of Santa tonight on Norad Santa Tracker. As I write this Santa is currently in Paris, France. Oui Oui!

Also thanks to Hot Lunch for pointing out the following video . . . .


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

That is the name of the final book. I read this last night but failed to mention it. I’m sure Harry fans already heard about it. I don’t know . . . . sounds kinda morbid. I thought Dumbledore’s death was bad enough. I fear who might die in this one!


Done Decorating . . . Almost

I got the last tree up tonight. This one went in my room. It used to go downstairs in the rec room, but there isn’t much place to put it anymore. The last year or two I put it in my room where I can appreciate it. It’s a mini-tree with the miniature Hallmark ornaments. Notice all the various little nativity scenes around too. Yes I really do have millions of them 🙂 I also have ornament versions to hang on the trees as well.

Speaking of Christmas, nativities and what not . . . it seems there has been a lot less coverage of “The War On Christmas” this year. GOOD! Maybe people got sick of covering it. Last year it’s all I seemed to hear about. Having to constantly hear about the “War on Christmas” was more of a Debbie Downer than the actual “War On Christmas.”

Speaking of the “War On Christmas” I recently read an article on a certain “Family” ASSociation’s website. They went on and on about how there is a move by liberals to secularize the holiday and take Christ out of it . . . . and then went on to give examples using SHOPPING. Yeah, because we all know Christmas is really about presents. D’oh!


PS I forgot to address the almost part 🙂 I have a bag of all these Christmas stuffed animals I have to place around the basement, which is my brother’s domain. There is no Christmas down there right now.