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Feast: Two Thumbs Up! An American Haunting: Two Thumbs Way Down!

So Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I should recommend a few good movies. As it happens I just watched “Feast” recently and loved it! It was the movie produced from the last season of Bravos “Project Greenlight.”

There isn’t much plot wise honestly. A group of people are in a bar one night when suddenly monsters descend upon it. They then have to fight for their lives. It’s your basic monster movie formula really. What makes it good is that the cast is very diverse, they do things you aren’t expecting at all, the effects were great and in some cases absolutely disgusting and finally it mixed horror with really good comedy. This movie is a win win all the way around and you can’t go wrong with it. If you need a deep story and explanations though you will probably not like it.

One movie to avoid at all costs is “An American Haunting.” I watched this last night. What a waste of time and shelf space. This movie was just so terrible. If say it happened to appear on Lifetime or even ABC Family then I’d say it was acceptable quality for a made for cable flick. For a theatrical release though? No way! Not scary at all and the story, while interesting, disappoints big time at the end. Two thumbs way down.

I still have to watch “Slither” so when I do I’ll let you know what I think about it.


Tuning In and Tuning Out

Not much going on with me today. It’s getting really cold really fast here and I’m not ready for it. I’ll be in the winter coat before long, maybe even come this weekend. I have plans with friends this weekend, though I’m not yet sure who is in. My friends Jen and Crystal definitely want to do something in Philadelphia involving the nightlife. I’m always in when they are as they are sure to make it a damn good time. Emily may come out and I’m trying to convince Mary to come out as well. As of yet there is no real game plan, other than drinking and dancing. Given it’s Halloween weekend there are sure to be events going on somewhere. We just haven’t yet bothered to find out where. All I know is that I really need a night out! While I did go out with Keith this past weekend, we made early evenings of them and came home and watched movies. Still fun, but a different kind of fun.

Changing the topic totally to TV, I recently posted that “Medium” was coming back and several people were excited. The show returns on November 15th, it’s now on Wednesday nights. I’m both looking forward to it, but am also a bit scared. It seems all the shows I loved last season are sucking this season. “Nip/Tuck,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy” seem to have lost a lot of their fun. I’m just not that into them as I was. Meanwhile I’m loving “Ugly Betty” “Heroes” and “Brothers and Sisters.” “Brothers and Sisters” will probably be canceled, I don’t think it’s doing well in the ratings. *Correction* ABC has ordered a full season of the show, yeah! The other two are sure fire hits, but will they too suck within a year or twos time? My friend Laura said this weekend that it seems like the networks aren’t really making TV shows with the idea that they’ll make it past the first year, but if the do the creators run out of ideas on what to do. I think she might be right.


Happy Belated Birthday!

So last night Keith and I watched the remake of “The Omen.” I honestly don’t know why they bothered other than to cash in on 06-06-06 this year. Save your money, watch the original which is bound to be on TV sometime soon for Halloween. The remake wasn’t terrible at all, but it was pretty much the original with a few scary scenes thrown in and only minor changes to the story. It also lacks the scary Damien music, a big detraction from the original!

So I’m a bad daddy. October 18th was Nikko’s first birthday and I forgot. Oops! Happy Birthday Nikko. Here he is with his shaved face and post-surgical scar. The light and angle makes it hard to see his lack of fur actually.


Overheard On The Patco

Coming back from Philly tonight . . .

In front of us a mother with three little girls and a little boy, the boy obviously wasn’t hers which became clear.

Little Boy: Dude: I’m going to go sit over there!

Mother: What you are going to do is sit your ass down. I’m tired of you. My brother better come pick you up cause I’ve had about all I can take of you.

As she is dragging them off the train at their stop . . . .

Mother: I have to call someone right now to come and get you immediately

Two Jersey Trash guys were talking and annoying the people behind us. When they finally got off the train a goth girl said . . . .

Those are the two most ignorant fucks I’ve ever seen. Someone needs to take a steel toe shank boot and kick their asses in.

I of course had to inquire about what they were saying, she informed me they were being macho and bullshitting. She then said . . . .

I felt like pulling out my vibrator and shoving it up their asses.

Wow! Fun night on the PATCO!


Just Bumming Around

Keith arrived yesterday afternoon. We went out to Best Buy to shop 🙂 Actually he needed something for his phone and I decided to pick up a portable USB hard drive to back up stuff. I am tired of using CDs, they are beginning to accumulate around the house. This is a nice and quick alternative.

We had dinner at Bahama Breeze, as Keith loves it and doesn’t have many near where he lives. Then we hung out at the house last night. Today we are scrapping the night life in Philly. We are going to go over and walk around this afternoon then catch dinner during happy hour. We’ll walk off any buzz we have then chill out and watch these movies Ive rented. I picked up the remake of “The Omen” and “Feast.”

Not much else going on right now. Trying to get a few hours of school work in before heading to Philly. Keith has his puggle Haley here, so we have three dogs running around and they are being insane.


Quick Post

I’ve been a mess this week as I try and get as much work done as I can before Keith arrives tomorrow. Keith is a friend John and I made on our last cruise. We met him and his former roommate (who we don’t mention anymore) as they were seated at our table. Keith lives in DC pretty close to my mom, so when I go home I normally try and meet him for dinner. He’s coming on the cruise with us this coming year as well.

He arrives tomorrow, so I’ve been trying to clean the house in between school work breaks. Unfortunately yesterday I was hit with a migraine and then last night the throat starting hurtng. I’ve been drained today, I’m fighting off another cold I can tell. I hope I don’t get sick and ruin this weekend. Plus I now have three weeks till the paper in Massachusetts. I am confident I’ll have a good enough paper to present by then, it’s in my head already. I just have to get all my data sorted out to write the paper!

Nikko is fine. The vet called, the “tumor” is what they thought it was, a benign growth of skin cells. They are confident they cut it all out and it shouldn’t come back. He’s going to look silly until his hair grows back, I’ll try and get a picture of him.


Those Marriage Amendments Are Doing Great!

All those constitutional bans against gay marriage in order to protect traditional marriage are apparently working wonders . . . .

It is by no means dead, but for the first time, a new survey has shown that traditional marriage has ceased to be the preferred living arrangement in the majority of US households.


The findings, which were released in August but largely escaped public attention until now because of the large volume of data, indicated that marriage did not figure in nearly 55.8 million American family households, or 50.2 percent.


By comparison, the number of traditional households with married couples at their core stood at slightly more than 55.2 million, or 49.8 percent of the total.


I can’t wait to see how groups spin this one. Somehow I’m sure it will still be the fault of gays and evil family hating Democrats. I’ve already heard augments to the like in the past, that it’s Democrats faults that divorce laws were eased and it’s Democrats faults that the morals of our society have gone down hill. If a Democrat told a Republican to jump of a bridge would he? I guess he would, since that is the argument being made by these people.


A Much Better Day, Kinda

I was much more calm today, no panic attacks. However I was trying to fight off a migraine most of the day, due to the very wet weather. I also have been moving slow. I stayed up really late last night reading and doing some work, had to get up really early this morning to take Nikko to the vet and thus crashed when I got back and way over slept. Whoops! I’m going to try and do a lot of work tonight, but I’m tired and fading fast.

Nikko is home and is doing well. He’s moving slow too and mostly just sleeping. Princess tried to get him to play with her but he wanted to be left alone and hid from her. His “tumor” is gone, but he looks silly. They shaved from between his eyes down to the tip of his nose.

Other than that, just trying to get things in order for Keith’s arrival on Friday.


Still Here

I didn’t post yesterday and almost would have let today slide by without a post as well. This is just a quick post to state I’m still here, not sick (yet) and not dead. The past two days have had me in a panic over school work. The paper presentation deadline is fast approaching and Keith comes up Friday and Saturday. I really feel I can’t take the time off work, but I probably need it even if it does put me behind. The past two days made me realize that. I got it in my head that I’d be crucified over not knowing enough about certain methods I’m using and thus have been scrambling to review them all. Instead of writing and analyzing I’ve ended up reading out of panic. It wasn’t a total waste, I found several new ways of looking at things that I do need to put into my analysis to make it better. However as of tomorrow I can’t let the panic take over, I really do need to write and analyze.

Nikko goes in for his surgery tomorrow. I drop him off early in the morning and won’t be able to pick him up till later in the day. Hopefully Princess will manage without him, I’m sure she will. Unlike Nikko, she only gets separation anxiety when she’s separated from me 🙂 I might ask the vet to drug Nikko up REAL good, I could use a vacation from his hyperness.


This Post Is Untitled

I got the guest room cleaned up today for Keith’s arrival on Friday. Well sort of. I straightened the mess up, I still need to vacuum, dust and do the sheets. But it’s a small room, that will take all of ten minutes.

After last nights dust congestion and a not so good nights sleep I spent most of today in a daze. I really wanted to go to Philly and see some friends, but I was too tired. Fortunately it seems they were too 🙂 I do need to call them tomorrow and try and get them to commit to coming out to at least dinner and meet Keith next week.

Made a dent in my school work today, even though I had to back track. I was supposed to simply write up some analysis of statistics I ran the day before and move on to the next site to be analyzed. Whoops! I found I made a mistake and included a variable I shouldn’t have, and that screwed up everything! I had to rerun them and that one little fucking crystal artifact changed the entire analysis of the site. Grrrr. I got it done, but by time I should have started the next site analysis I ended up fretting over other stuff relating to the dissertation and called it quits for the day.

The grape jelly meatballs turned out. Probably the one thing I’ve made in the crock pot so far that was a success.

I watched Wanda Sykes special on HBO tonight. It actually just ended. It was okay, but not great. I kinda expected a bit more from her. They showed commercials for a new Rosanne Barr special in November which actually looks good.

Finally, one last bit of good news before I finish this mishmash of a post. “Medium” returns in November to NBC!