All Your Computers Belong To Us

It must be Murphy’s Law that computer issues all seem to happen at once.

I picked up a new USB cable for the iPod, now I just have to find time to take a trip to the Apple store and replace the battery. While at Best Buy I checked out the laptops. They seem to either come in very BIG sizes or very small sizes. I decided that while I did like the HPs a lot, I would try and see how much longer my current laptop would last or maybe I’d wipe the HD and start fresh soon.

Fast forward a few hours later. I tried to install something on my laptop . . . . . it took a half hour! At this point wiping the HD probably isn’t going to help as I’m pretty sure it’s the HD that is faulty. I’ll probably be putting in an email to Dell this week and see about what can be done. I will not be calling them if I can help it 🙂 I’m also going to start shopping around for a new laptop just in case. I need to go look at the Sony Vaio’s a bit closer.

Meanwhile I was trying to update the desktop a bit and clean old programs off it, carash! Fun fun fun! I did recover it though, but it seems it will need some upgrades as well. Actually I know it does in order to run Windows Vista. Fortunately upgrading a desktop is a whole lot cheaper than a laptop, which aren’t upgrade friendly at all. Fortunately the desk top also runs fine as is, so those can just wait. I don’t actually use the desktop anymore, my BF uses it. He says it is running slow, but he hasn’t tried my laptop 🙂



5 Responses to “All Your Computers Belong To Us”

Mary Says:

Just wanted to give you a lil info….

I work at Returns at Circuit city. Definatly stick with looking at HP. Overall they are the best. Sony are super duper nice and all, but the customer service is crap. Hp is 24/365. You may have a lil trouble understanding the person on the other end of the phone, but they will get you whatever you need. Also…. browsing online at the website, you can read customer reviews about those laptops. Happy hunting. hope this helped.

Been reading your Days site for 2 years…. lovin it all the time!


Dustin Says:

Thanks for the tip! I actually played with the HP and Sony configurations, HP is a few hundred bucks cheaper 🙂

I had an HP desktop years and years ago, it was a great PC honestly. I STILL have the hard drive from it in my current desktop as a back up. I think that thing is now 10 years old and it’s STILL running! It’s outlasted every other hard drive I’ve ever had in any PC.


DWQ Online Says:

I love my new HP and it runs Vista perfect. I love Aero. I had some Vista issues at first but now it’s all work with the brand new HP that I just bought. HP rocks. I have two friends that bought Sony’s and within 6 months they hated it.


karen Says:

just do not, repeat, DO NOT buy a compaq. i’m not a fan of HP either. i bought my dell laptop a year ago and still good, but i’ve never had a laptop last me more than 3 years (see first sentence). for my next one i’m seriously considering getting an apple since it runs windows now. much more expensive, but they are so much faster and great computers.



Dustin Says:

I know lots of people love Apples, but I have heard equally bad horror stories about their customer service 🙂