Save Marriage!

Remeber this when you vote on November 7th!
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4 Responses to “Save Marriage!”

Aravis Says:

I can’t wait to vote, if for no other reason than the incessant phone calls from candidates will stop. It isn’t even the candidates or one of their supporters, either, but recordings. And not one of them tells me what their platform is, but instead rants and raves about the evils of their opponents. I’ve said it before: they would claim that the other candidate tortured cats and ate babies if they thought they could get away with it. And the sad thing was that if they *did* get away with it, there’s a large number of voters who would probably believe it.

They’re wasting their breath. I no where I stand on the issues and I’ve followed the careers of my incumbents. I know whether or not they’re lying at least, and I know who I’m voting for. I wish they’d just shut the hell up already.



Jennifer Says:

So…in other words, people who are against gay marriage have bad marriages themselves? I’m not quite seeing the link here.


Dustin Says:

The point is all those things are actual real threats to marriage. If people were really concerned with saving and protecting marriage they’d be focusing on the problems that are leading to things like to divorce and the low marriage rate. Banning gays from getting married is going to do nothing to solve the problems that exist with marriage in our society today.


Musicguy Says:

Well said Dustin. The real threat to marriage are those things said by the wife in the comic. MARRIAGE IS NOT A THREAT TO MARRIAGE!