Computer Blues

This last week my laptop has suddenly gone to hell. Actually it’s slowly been going to hell for awhile now. However it’s only a year and a half old! Right now I think it’s probably running worse than my 4 year old laptop, and that is not good. It literally takes about 10 minutes to be come usable after turning it on. Last night I tried to uninstall every single program I absolutely did not need to see if that helped, nope! Either the hard drive is going or I need to wipe it and start over. I HATE to wipe laptops clean, I’m afraid I will forget to back something up. However at this point my frustration keeps reaching the boiling point. It’s at the point now that my songs in itunes stutter if I minimize itunes to do other things. Grrrr! Online clips like on YouTube do the same thing. I fear the wipe out is coming soon, and if that doesn’t fix the problem the I will 1) be really angry I wasted a day wiping and reinstalling everything and 2) will have to contact Dell about getting the issue resolved. I was originally planning on getting a new laptop sometime next year that would run Windows Vista (this one won’t), now I’m thinking I might have to get one sooner if I can’t get these issues resolved. This laptop has had a few more issues than just this, so if I have to get a new one I might try something other than Dell this time around.

In happier news, everything seems to be coming together for a fun night out Saturday. Unfortunately now it seems the rain is going to be moving in that night πŸ™



5 Responses to “Computer Blues”

Steve Says:

There was no other laptop on the face of the Earth that sucked more than my old one. Serious. Anyway, on the day I was moving for my short-lived adventure in Key West, I bought a new one. Life is better now, as I’m no longer in KW (MOTTO: The Southernmost Trailer Park On The Water), and my laptop rocks. I came home last night and Chris was a little distressed that the sound on his laptop was intermittent. I’m not sure how old his is, but when little shit like that starts happening, it, most likely, is about to give up the ghost.


michelle Says:

i have had 2 dells – a desktop and a laptop. They both died or went bad by 2 years. I will never own another one. They are horrible.. I now have a Sony and it’s done really well. When I go to purchase another one, it will be HP. Good luck!


Dustin Says:

I’m looking at the HP’s site online right now actually πŸ™‚ I saw their commercial last night and was like, Oh I need to look into them.

I’m thinking the laptop is just going to die πŸ™ My wireless is now having issues. ARG!


The Persian Says:

I just got a Dell Laptop, and am having terrible issues with the wireless card. I’m still basically working from my tower, which might just need a wipe-clean soon, it takes 15 minutes to boot up in the AM, which pisses me off royally.

I feel your pain.

Have fun Saturday, hope the weather holds out.



Aravis Says:

I hate Dell. There are few companies I hate more than Dell. I once spent 4 freakin’ hours with their tech support only to be told in the end that they weren’t going to fix the problem or refund the money.

Did I mention I hate Dell?