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Five on Friday: August 25th Edition

1. What book or books were special to you in your childhood?
Too many to mention! Anything written by Shel Silverstein. The Ramona books. The Judy Bloom books (Fudge and all)

2. What was particularly special or memorable about those books?
Their humor and the characters.

3. Have you re-read any of them as an adult?
No, but I found out Judy Bloom wrote 2 more Fudge books after SuperFudge. I do want to read them.

4. If so, were the books as good as you remembered them?
Like I said, haven’t re-read any yet.

5. What do you think about movies being made out of children’s classics (like the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of The Rings, etc.)?
I see nothing wrong with it. I loved the Narnia movie. The LOTR were good, but not something I have ever felt the need to rewatch.


Air Filter, Allergies, Diet and Stress Updates

After running the air filters for about three days I think they are helping a lot. I can see from the filters they are collecting all sorts of dust and pet hair. When I go upstairs now I don’t immediately close up. I’m not saying they are a savior, I still get congested from time to time, but it’s not as much it seems. Nothing is a perfect solution, I realize that. However they get a thumbs up as far as I’m concerned. I may go back and buy a third for the bedroom. I found on that there is a medium sized tower that also include the electronic ionizer, something my larger room filters don’t include. If you spend a bit more money you can also get ones with life lasting hepa-filters, mine require changing every few months. I bought mine at Tar Jay, they had a good selection and all the filter replacements as well.

I briefly considered getting another big one for the basement, then realized I doubt it would do any good. Like most older homes, the basement in this one is not finished (ie a concrete nightmare). It’s were the cat pans are, the washer and dryer are, a make-shift handyman shop and of course storage storage storage. It probably also hasn’t been cleaned EVER. It’s one of those basements you go into and just go “Gross!” My grandma’s basement was like that for ages, until we had it remodelled and now it’s nice and livable. Given our basement’s tendency to flood with heavy rains, that’s not an option. Still I want to clean it so damn bad! I wonder if a good cleaning of it would help my allergies. My boyfriend says the only thing it would do would make me feel better (emotionally, not physically). He’s probably right. Still one of these days when I have the time, I’m cleaning that basement. It will shine like the top of the Chrysler building and then I will put air filters down there to help keep it that way!

In other health news, my diet has been eeehhh. I have been eating far too many carbs I think, my weight goes down and then back up. I’m stuck between some numbers, numbers I’d rather not be stuck between. I’ve come to realize I just really need to exercise, I think that is the key for me. I said a week or two ago I would strive to get to the gym at least 3 days a week. So far that has yet to happen. After another day of stress and being set off by every little thing I realize I HAVE to get to the gym, I think exercise will not only help me physically but mentally and emotionally at this point. I’d really love to start back tomorrow, but Fridays are a terribly busy day all around for me. I’d have to get out of bed much earlier than I’d like and go to gym first thing in the morning, something I don’t see happening at this moment. We’ll see. If not I will force myself to Rollerblade or play Dance Dance Revolution for a good long time at some point tomorrow. Come Saturday my ass will be at that gym though.


Thursday Thirteen #8
Thirteen Things I Love About Cruises!

Since buying the plane tickets for the cruise yesterday I’m getting more and more excited! It’s only about 5 months away though. Anyways here is a list of things I love about cruising. You can visit my photo gallery to see photos from past cruises (I still haven’t got all my photos up from all my cruises, one day I hope to catch up)

1. You meet awesome people from all over you might not normally meet (Heidi and Keith)
2. 24 hour pizza bar! Yum!
3. Cute towel animals left on your bed every night. Fun!
4. You can always find something on board to do somewhere.
5. Fun shore excursions like seeing Mayan pyramids and horse back riding.
6. Nice dining experience, you feel rich when your not.
7. Speaking of dining, awesome food and it’s all included in the price of the cruise!
8. The rocking motion of the ship can be fun, especially just laying in your bed and enjoying it.
9. Pretty yummy and reasonably priced cocktails!
10. Amusing shows almost every night to go watch, Vegas style and comics.
11. Water slides on Carnival cruises!
12. Having professional photos taken of you and no obligation to buy.
13. Walking along the decks at night and enjoying the ocean breeze, waves and the stars.

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Runway To A Vacation

I decided not to make a prediction before “Project Runway” this week, based on the commercials it was really hard to tell what was going on and it seemed everyone was strugling. As it turns out they had to design an outfit for one another’s mothers or sisters. Too funny!

First I was shocked that Vincent finally won! His dresses have been so off the wall lately, I thought for sure he’d be going home soon. Jeffery was a total ass to Angela’s mom. I can’t wait for him to get the boot. I wasn’t shocked that Robert got the boot, he has been a bore lately. I feel so bad for Kane, who is losing his friend.

Switching topics, I finally booked some plane tickets for the cruise in January. Yeah! Now the last thing to do is get a hotel. There’s no rush on that one, the prices won’t inflate there. I also need to find out if my friend Jen is coming or not, hoping she still is! If so she better book soon.


More Bizarre Dreams!

Last night was a dream for the record books! It was a new twist on one of my usual school related stress dreams. For years these dreams took the form of me learning I had to go back to high school to make up a credit, which also involved me getting sucked back into marching band. More recently they’ve changed and involve me taking classes and it’s the end of the semester. Horrors upon horrors, I learn I was registered for a class and completely forgot about it all semester! Usually it is a class taught by my 9th grade English teacher or my 11th grade history teacher.

Last night was an odd twist on the formula. It was a class taught by my 9th grade English teacher, but I actually attended it. The problem was the teacher was a ditz and lagged behind in where we were supposed to be and also canceled classes left and right. In the syllabus it stated we had to turn in a major research paper at the end of the semester. However it was the end of the semester and the teacher had told us nothing about this paper. When asked if we were still required to do it, she said yes and it was due in two days!

At the same time my dissertation was due as well. I’m not exactly sure what the hell it was on in the dream, it had to do with the Revolutionary War as I kept carrying around a box of artifacts from the war (more on this later). I decided since the English teacher gave us no guidelines on the paper, I would give her a copy of my dissertation! Someone told me that was cheating and planned to report me.

Back to the box of artifacts. I don’t know what my project was about, it did involve these artifacts and setting them up somehow. I don’t know. It also involved working out side, and at the time of the dream it was cold and snowing. I was angry because my gloves no longer fit. Carson Kresley of all people (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) borrowed them and stretched them out.

To make matters worse, I had to work at night and only by the lamp of old oil lanterns. Why? Because the box of artifacts attracted zombies. Yes, I said zombies! I guess they were unable to see and get to me in the dark. (I think the zombies are due to me watching a horror film before bed)

The dream ended with me having to take the box with me to the English class during the day, causing swarms of zombies to chase me. Lets just say I woke up gasping when I was forced to watch a car run over something. I will spare you what the something is, cause it is something cute πŸ™


Trapped In A Closet?

I posted this on an older anonymous blog I had for over a year, thought I’d reshare it for those who have never gotten to read it. It’s a funny story and it’s been updated since my last telling (for those who have read parts of it before).

This happened around March four and a half years ago. I was 26 at the time. I was home in Virginia for Spring Break and my boyfriend and I had only been dating for about two weeks at that time. One day while I was home I decided to do some shopping at the mall (because in Virginia there is little to do). When I came home my grandmother said there was a huge problem! A big box of flowers had come for me, but there was obviously a mistake as they were from someone named John (first time I’ve ever revealed his name!). The card read something along the lines of . . .

Dear Dustin,
Do you miss me? I miss you!

My brother was in the background trying not to laugh as my grandmother is telling me this was obviously a mistake. My grandmother had already been in contact with my mom. My mom thought there was a mix-up at the florist and we had somehow received someone else’s flowers. I looked at the box and sure enough it was addressed to me. I asked “Why did you open something for me?” My grandmother thought they were for her so she just opened them, but then she saw the card. I said “These are my flowers Grandma, they are for me!” I told her I was keeping them. She said well okay, but call your mom and tell her. So I called my mom up and she thought the same thing, someone had mixed things up and I had received flowers meant for someone else. I said the flowers were for me and we’d talk about it when she got home.

A few hours passed and my mom finally returned home from work. She asked about the flowers and if I wanted to talk about them. I said later after grandma went to bed.

A few more hours passed and as we were watching “Josie and the Pussiecats” my mom finally brought up the flowers. I said the flowers were for me. She asked “Are you gay?” I told her yes. She said “Okay, I just want you to be happy. I always though maybe you were, but all your friends are girls and they are all you ever talk about when you come home.” Well duh! All my best friend have always and till this day still are girls (women). She then asked about the guy I was seeing and if anyone else knew. I said my friends at school knew.

The next morning I had a talk with my brother. I told him that the flowers were for me. He said okay. I then said they were from a guy I’d been dating for a few weeks. I asked if he had any questions? He replied “No. It’s not like this is a huge shock or anything.” That was about it!

I did not and never did tell my grandmother. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her. She was near the end of her life and in chronic pain from broken bones, cancer, etc. I just didn’t want to add emotional pain onto her. I was my grandma’s favorite, she told me so. That was a secret, hopefully cousins aren’t reading this blog! She met my boyfriend two times, but again I don’t know if she ever made the connection. I’m sure she figured it out, but in her condition the next day she probably would have forgotten. Likewise if I told her, she wouldn’t have remembered it the next day.

Two Christmas ago when my boyfriend was down he met my great-uncle, who is my mom’s age. We just refer to him as our uncle (a late in life child of my great-grandmother). He was the first person in my family outside of my mom and brother to learn I was gay and meet my boyfriend. He of course then told the rest of the family on my mom’s side, who all know now. I found this out when I was in the car with my mom, aunt and cousin one time and my aunt blurts out “So tell us about John!” Yeah I was like “ummmmmmmmmmm.” It was not expected, I had no idea they knew.

My dad has yet to be told. I’ve never been that close with him and my parents divorce when I was around 13. I also rarely see anyone on my dad’s side of the family given they live across the country and I am really not close with any of them. I’m sure my dad has figured it out. He actually called the house once to talk to me (my mom gave him the number, thanks mom). As I don’t give the home number to anyone, I don’t ever bother to answer the phone thinking it’s not for me. So imagine my shock when after my boyfriend’s normal answering machine message ends my DAD starts leaving a message! When I called him back he didn’t even ask about the guy on the answering machine. Oh well! Don’t ask don’t tell? I’m sure his computer savvy new wife has googled me and found this blog. Maybe not. Who knows.

Anyways, that is the story of how my boyfriend inadvertently outed me to my family.


A Breath Of Fresh Air?

Last night around 7pm I began to have sneezing fits. Then my sinuses completely closed up. This lasted till about 2:30am, which at that point I just decided to try and go to bed. I think in cleaning the house to try and make my allergies better I just riled up a whole lot of dust. I also groomed the cats in hopes that they’d shed less, so I’m sure I inhaled a bunch of their dander.

This morning I woke up less congested but with one hell of a headache. I decided I couldn’t live this way anymore. I took myself to TarJay and spent a small fortune on some allergen hepa-filter air systems. I went for the ones that actually have the filters you have to replace as opposed to the ionic breeze ones. We already have two ionic breezes, both of which are broken. Over priced pieces of junk, stay away from them! So I picked up these thinking they’d hopefully work better, the sticker says they trap 16x the amount of allergens that the ionic ones do. Sounds good to me!

They are set up and running, I bought a giant one for downstairs and a medium sized one for upstairs. If I think they are working I might pick up two of the small ones, one for the kitchen area and one for the bedroom. Time will tell if they work for me though.

In other news, I passed a major school work hurdle last night. I finished entering the second to last huge archaeological site into the database! The last one will be done in November after I have enough results from all the others to write a significant portion of the dissertation and write a paper to present at a conference in November. Starting this week I’m cranking out chapters on each of the sites, hopefully with the final results that I WON’T have to re-analyze again.

As for tonight, I rented “Scary Movie 4” and will probably watch it. I’m not expecting much, the 3rd was terrible.


Is It All Just Waisted Time?

I have spent all day cleaning this house (again) and running errands. It’s now six pm and I expect to spend the rest of the night catching up on school work and getting to the point I set for myself today and then working on the soap page. Hopefully by around 10 or 11pm I’ll be able to kick back and relax. This is how I spend my Saturday? I feel like crying πŸ™

How is your weekend going? Hopefully better than mine.


Five on Friday: August 18th Edition

1. Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake?
Yes, just for fun. However I haven’t had a birthday cake with candles in a long long, very long time. I think I was a kid the last time I had one.

2. Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes?
Not that I can recall.

3. How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g., love the attention, just another day, don’t want anyone to know my real age, etc.)
Love my birthday, enjoy going out and spending it with friends more than anything.

4. Tell us a favorite gift you’ve received, or something you’d really like for your next birthday.
I really want a Sony PSP πŸ™‚ Princess was technically a birthday gift, even though I insisted I pay for her.

5. What flavor cake?
I’m not picky, I usually stick with chocolate or vanilla though. Anything too weird in the flavor department I probably won’t like. I’ve been dying for a Baskin Robins ice cream cake for the longest time, they aren’t easy to find in this area though.


Want Verses Need

So for the past few weeks my chatroom friend Vicky (shoutout Vicky!) has been talking about her new PSP (Playstation Portable) and how great it is and how I need to get one. I haven’t been too interested in the PSP to be honest, I have my Nintento DS and love it. The PSP just never really had any games I wanted to play all that bad. Well it looks like that is about to change. Set to be released on my birthday of all days are Ghost N Goblins and Loco Roco. These two games look soooooooo good! I began thinking hey maybe I do need a PSP!

Of course now it comes down to the age old question of want verses need. Do I need one? No. Do I want one? Yes! Now that it’s in my head that I need one what do I do? The fact that these two cool games come out on my birthday is almost like a sign. Furthermore I was thinking about what I might want for my birthday. So far the only think I have come up with is the DVD of Kinky Boots, which also comes out on my birthday. I could therefore buy the PSP and those two games with my birthday money.

But now were back to do I really really need it? Or do I wait and apply that money to the Nintendo Wii later in the fall?

Now you have a sample of what it’s like to be in a relationship with me πŸ™‚ I can never make up my mind!