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Reading Is Fundamental

I have been feeling oogy the past few days. Today was the third straight day we’ve seen above 90 degrees temps in the Philly region. All week long I have been puffy and had watery eyes, my allergies are getting to me. Tomorrow I’m going to fill my prescription for Zyrtec and hope it helps.

I just received an amazon order today, yeah! First up I ordered Eragon and Eldest, two fantasy books that have been getting a lot of hype as the new Harry Potter-esque books for kids. Eragon is coming out this fall as a movie, so I figured I’d better read these books. I am not sure when I’ll have the time though, probably at the gym (which I still haven’t started back at, it’s too fricken hard to get there without my own car).

I also got my Suzanne Somers book for her Somersizing diet. I can honestly say to pull this off I will have to start eating meat again, no doubt about it! It’s all about eating certain food groups in right combinations. While there is no calorie counting or using “low fat” or “non-fat” foods (aside from dairy products), it still isn’t that easy. For example no more pizza! You can’t combine fatty cheese with carbs/bread 🙁 No more burgers! No meats and fats with carbs/bread 🙁 I think this is actually going to be tougher than just cutting calories! But Suzanne claims after awhile I won’t miss those other foods. Yeah we’ll see about that “Chrissy Snow!”

Friday night looking to plan another night out in the city for some fun, not sure if it’s going to happen. Oh did I also mention “Reverend Snow’s Daughter” says no alcohol on the diet either? At least not on level one.

This weekend it’s also back to Virginia for awhile.



Okay so I don’t have a secret. Well I do, but doesn’t everyone? It’s nothing big. This post is about Game Show Network’s “I’ve Got A Secret”. I’m so addicted to this show! It comes on at 11:30 pm weeknights, because things on it can get a little naughty. The secrets aren’t naught, but the panel’s comments can be. It’s way fun, and if you head over to the site you can listen to people’s video secrets, some of which ARE racy!

They are coming to Philly on June 10th and 11th with their “I’ve Got A Secret” video tour, which is were many of those video secrets on the page are coming from. Now I have to think up something juicy to tell, but not something that will get me in trouble.


X3 and Oidz

So we went to see X3 tonight. WOW. I am basically in shock. Was it a good movie? Yes. The best of the three? No. The delima I’m having is that they basically did things they never EVER should have done. Thus I’m not sure how I feel about it all. Also for all the hype over Angel being added to the film, they really didn’t use him at all. I felt he was completely pointless. I don’t want to say anything else because to do so would spoil the film, and there is a hell of a lot to spoil. If you go and see the film you must stay through the credits, there is a secret scene put in at the end which is important . . . . though I’m not sure why they added it in as this is supposed to be the last of the films.

Meanwhile, my wonderful friend sent me a link to this site for these toys which are a hit in the UK. They are called Oidz. She got knock off ones in Texas, and as far as I can tell the originals aren’t for sale anywhere but the UK. That will probably change. It better as I want me some Oidz! I figured I shouldn’t be the only one suffering not having Oidz, so head over to and suffer a long with me, you’ll want them too!


Denied By Martha!

I guess we were not beautiful enough to be featured audience members on Martha! Or maybe it was that we were near the aisle in the back and they didn’t want to showcase the aisle. Meanwhile Hugh’s stalker gets prime camera time. I bet she lied about loving him that much, she just wanted to hog the spotlight. She told us all that she didn’t even have tickets, she got in on standby. Some Hugh fan she is!


Looking For Some Hot Stuff Baby This Evening

So last night M and I hit the town. I wasn’t feeling all that great as I headed out, so drinking and dancing probably wasn’t the smartest thing to be doing. Oh well! We decided to go to Woody’s. This used to be our usual haunt, but it started sucking a lot in the past months. They were playing far too much hip hop and rap. I can go to any other club in Philly to hear that stuff! We started frequenting Tavern on Camac, which seems to have become the new it place in the neighborhood. Anyways, it was 70s/80s night early on, transitioning into modern music later. We decided to give it a try. Woody’s redeemed itself last night for sure. I think though it was because of the 70s/80s music, it was a much older crowd and therefore they may have shied away from the hip hop. Or maybe they wised up and stopped playing it. Maybe I’ll check them out on a Friday again and see.

Mr. Bee Gee was there again, but he had his hair in a pony tail and was wearing a more appropriate shirt. Others I don’t know what they were thinking when they left the house. I used to not be so fashion conscious, I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy for the longest time. I guess Philly (and my friends) have made me a bit more savvy. This one guy thought he was Danny Ontario (he inspired John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever for those who don’t know him). His hair was so oiled down and he only had one button buttoned on his button up shirt. Ew! Also, what is with the plaid shorts/jams that are back in fashion? I mean they were ugly in the 80s and they are still ugly now. Plaid should only be worn playing golf at the country club. (I’m sure someone reading this now is wearing plaid shorts and is pissed at me!)

We had a great time dancing though, and as always M ran into someone she knew. This time it was someone from her work. Every time we go out she finds someone she knows. As we are having a grand ole time, I for some reason start text messaging my friends. J sends me a message that she’s out with a totally hot guy. Ten minutes later I guess he stopped being totally hot, she ditched him and went home. J and I have plans to go dancing next Friday before I head back to Virginia again for a week or two. We texted back and forth how we were going to drag K out with us and she was not allowed to bring her boyfriend, K’s boyfriend sucks! Okay he doesn’t suck, we don’t even know him. However she’s in 1 month old new relationship euphoria right now, so we feel the need to drag her out without her man for a night. He’ll probably be uspet, no sex on a Friday night for K’s new boyfriend! K might be upset too 😉

I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out about last night. It’s not that I’m blacking out stuff or anything (I remember EVERYTHING I do thank you, even if I’m embarrassed that I did it), I’m just pooped. I didn’t get to bed till about 3:30ish. If anyone out there is in the area, or plans to come to Philly, drop me an email. Consider this an open invite to hit the town one night and have fun 🙂

Scary moment of the entire evening, waking up and thinking I was in bed with a butt naked M! Ahhhhhh!


Percy Photos!

I took these today as he was sleeping on the couch. He’s so cute! He also always wants to eat and has one hell of a loud mouth on him!



After watching the tours of the Rav 4 and Camry, I’m so getting one of those cars! I loved the insides of them and all the features they now come with. I’m hoping to test drive both like this week and make a decision. I have to go home in two weeks, would be awesome not to have to rent a car to take down home!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has something fun planned, I sure as hell don’t! I had tentative plans to see X3, do dinner and then go dancing with friends today/tonight. It all fell apart though. L forgot she had a prior engagement and couldn’t do the movie, but could have met up later. J had a friend decide to invite herself over this weekend and is in limbo. E hurt her back, and M decided she’d rather go out Sunday night instead. Myself, I’ve just hoping the migraine that has haunted me for three days doesn’t decide to come back. So far it hasn’t, thank the lord.

Hit the grocery store today, figured I’d better get in and out as quick as I could. It was D E A D dead. I guess everyone has gone to the shore for the weekend, that or they all hit it early this morning. I was very good, I bought NO meat products. I have not eaten meat since New York, so maybe I can manage with the “no meat unless I’m at a restaurant” rule. Tomorrow I’m determined to hit the gym in the morning, assuming I have no signs of an impending migraine return.

I may, if I can motivate myself, go see X3 on my own tonight. Though I would probably do better to wait until the week when it’s not going to be PACKED with annoying children and probably annoying adults on their cell phones. I really want to see this film though and have heard good things from those who have already seen it.

M and I have tentative plans to go out tomorrow night and at least try and find something fun to do. Since Monday is a holiday it gives us the rare opportunity to do something fun in the city on a Sunday. I’m going to try and convince J to come out as well. I’m not sure what we are going to do though. Woody’s has a 70s and 80s night that we could check out. We did this only one time before, it was Labor Day weekend and my birthday. Because people didn’t have to go to work the next morning, the place was PACKED. Though having never been there on Sunday before, it could always be that packed. It was also filled with scary people like this individual . . .

Be very thankful you cannot see this Barry Gibb wannabees tight ass white jeans! He was frightening, and we wondered how long he spent in the bathroom feathering his hair that night. I will take a camera tomorrow night in case it’s a repeat of Labor Day. I should get some great photos!


Current Car Mood: Pimped out Camry with a spoiler and a moon roof!

Friday Five for May 26th, 2006: Home Sweet Home

1. How many places have you lived in your life?

I BELIEVE I’m now in my 9th house/home/apt/ect, though 10 if you count that my mom and brother moved after I moved out for Grad School (it is my grandmother’s old home so I’m familiar with it).

2. Which was your favorite and why and what street was it on?

Helm Court in Burke Va. It’s basically where I spent most of my childhood. While I have terrible memories of the place and schools associated with it, I loved the neighborhood and the friends I made in the neighborhood (none of which I have contact with anymore, oh well).

3. If you could live anywhere for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Too hard to decide! I do love some of the islands in the Caribbean I’ve been to on cruises, but hurricanes are a problem and the cost of living, such as having things shipped there is insane.

4. What would your ideal home have in it?

Lots of technological innovations probably, and a live in maid who cleaned every single day so I didn’t have to.

5. Can you describe your current crib?

Not really mine? I always forget the name of the style of house, something Cottage, it was built around the 1900s. It has a specific name and style associated with it.


Car Indecisions

Uhg! I can’t make up my mind on these cars! J and I went to the Toyota lot the other day just to look. The new Rav 4’s are big, bigger than the older ones. A little too big for what I wanted, but I will test drive it. They also don’t come in the blue color I liked anymore, so if I want a Rav 4 I’ll probably have to get an older used model.

I can get a new Rav 4 model in a nice burgundy/burnt red that is nice. Car buying issue #1, the boyfriend has a bright red Honda CR-V so I feel I can’t buy a red car of any type. Silly I know, he thought so too. J agreed with me, “That would be geeky to have two red cars.”

The Toyota Matrix, I just don’t like the space age shape of the newer models. I figure if I think a car is ugly, no matter how good a drive, I shouldn’t buy it. I’ll probably end up hating it. I didn’t see many used models of the Matrix on the lot.

I LOVED the new design of the Camry, very sporty. Another bonus, it comes in a shade of blue I like. Car buying issue #2, my mom has a Camry (older model). I feel like I can’t buy a Camry since my mom has one. J agrees again, she didn’t buy a Honda Accord because that’s all her parents drive. However it’s enough of a shape difference if I go with the new model that I could live with.

I looked into some other cars really quick, I LOVE the look and the price of the new Honda Fit (which has replaced the Civic SI as their hatchback/wagon). However it has the LOWEST horsepower of all the hatchback/wagons I’ve looked at. Like considerably lower horse power. I imagine myself driving one of those pull back race cars when I think of the horsepower in this thing.

The PT Cruiser, which I know most people hate, ironically has the most horsepower of the wagons I’ve looked at. Right now it’s still in contention, but I’d have to get a new one. The older models I agree are butt ugly, they are longer and look like hearses. While I like dead things, I’d rather not drive a hearse. I am liking the new Camry a lot more than the Rav 4, I just have to over come that my mom has one.

If anyone else has any suggestions let me hear them 🙂 I have looked into the Subaru wagons, but they start at a price above a lot of the other cars (though probably equal to the Rav4). Ford and GM cars are out since those two companies are not doing well at all. I’m trying not to buy a car from a company that might go under. Also, I am trying to stay away from 2-door cars, transporting dogs in them probably isn’t fun or easy.