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Five on Friday, April 21st

Didn’t do this last week cause I didn’t like the questions. This week’s questions weren’t much better. Fortunately I found a different Friday Five site with alternate questions!

Take Out! 

1. What are your favorite ethnic/regional cuisines (Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc.)?

Italian and Chinese, I love them both.

2. When visiting a restaurant serving that kind of food, what do you generally order?

If it’s Italian then I usually get Eggplant Parmesan. If Chinese usually some form of spicy chicken or tofu.

3. Which ethnic food or dish is your favorite to make yourself?

None, I can’t cook anything complicated!

4. If you could travel to one country or region, just to experience the food, where would you go?

Probably Italy, not only for the food but to see the sites. 

5. Where would you not want to go because of the food?

Thailand, I don’t like Thai food very much.


(I think I want Chinese for dinner now!) 

Thursdays, Hell On Earth

It’s Thursday, and Thursday is my hell on earth day. The reason I hate Thursday’s is because of The O.C. Not only do I have to watch and update Days and Passions, but The O.C. has to be done as well. Recapping The O.C. is more work than the soaps because there is always a lot going on and there are no flashbacks to count on for typing breaks. Add into that the fact that The O.C. has become so boring lately and you know now why I hate Thursdays. 

Tonight’s episode might actually be good considering Anna is back and Theresa and the baby are finally discovered. About damn time! The show is coming back for a fourth season, and supposedly things are going to be shaken up a bit. All four major actors return, and Taylor and Kaitlin become full cast members. I hope they have something good planned for next season, as this season was terrible. I never thought season three of the show could be worse than season two, it was by far though.  


The Bizarro News!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, America’s most famous Scientologists, welcomed their baby girl into the world yesterday . .

The girl, named Suri, came into the world at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches long. Her name has its origins in Hebrew, meaning "princess," or in Persian, meaning "red rose," Robinson said in a statement. Source: Yahoo

Meanwhile, Brooke Shields and her husband has a baby girl yesterday, Grier Hammond Henchy, who also weighed 7 pounds. No word on whether the children will carry on their parents’ feud. Here’s wishing Brooke and family well, and well, here’s hoping Tom has a good medical plan to cover his kid’s psychiatrist bills.

In other Bizarro news, Brooke’s former date to the Grammy’s Michael Jackson is also in the news . . . .

Michael Jackson has returned to the studio and plans to release a new album next year for a record label owned by the son of Bahrain’s king. 2 Seas Records, which is owned by Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, said Tuesday it had signed an exclusive recording agreement with Jackson, and the new album was tentatively scheduled for release in late 2007. Source: Yahoo

I guess Bahrain’s king likes to throw his money away as much as Michael does.


Nikko Update

Nikko came home from the vet tonight after his "surgery." He’s very doped up right now and may be for the next few days according to them. I won’t be shocked if he’s back to his normal self tomorrow. Princess keeps sitting and looking at him as if waiting for him to play with her as he usually does.


Chop Chop!

Tomorrow Nikko goes in to get fixed. Poor baby, I hope it doesn’t traumatize him too much. It will be his first time away from Princess all day since I brought him home. I took this photo of him today.


Happy Easter!

No Deal!

I think I’m the only person in America who doesn’t watch "Deal or No Deal." I have tried to watch here and there, I just don’t get it. It bores me. It’s not really a game show, it’s more about luck than anything else. Remembering all the names of those models is more difficult than playing the damn game!

In other news, I got all the webcam kinks worked out, I am no longer getting disconnected left and right while running it. The progam I’m using to stream the video has a fun little webcam server I can set up with a chatroom and everything. Once I have it figured out I will add the link under the webcam stream. Not only does it offer bigger pictures but I can hook up more than one cam! Yeah, you can say I’ve gotten addicted to the webcam thing, why I don’t know. I guess I’m an exhibitionist? I think I’d rather be a voyeur though.


Psychic Dreaming . . . .

Woke up this morning and looked at the clock, thought to myself "No it’s too early to get up, maybe in an hour." I then rolled over to go back to sleep.

Woke up a bit later and looked at the clock and thought "No, it’s too early to get up, maybe in an hour." Then I realized the time hadn’t changed since the last time I looked at the clock and thought that.

Do do Do do Do do Do do


Medium Fans

Five new episodes in a row begin this monday! Finally! Also, check out “Psychic at Large” on the Sci-Fi network, it’s a pretty good show!


How Open Should I Be Here? Censorship! Warddrobe Malfunctions!

So it’s poll time again! I would normally put this in the side bar, but with the shout box and the webcam added now, I don’t know how well it would be seen. The question is whether I should censor this blog in some way, shape or form. This has been something on my mind since starting the blog.

You see on one hand I thought it would be fun to start a blog to rant and rave like the rest of the bloggers out there. On the other hand I’ve been doing the soap pages for almost 11, maybe 12 years now, and on the net my name has become synonymous with them (once upon a time I was also known for my Sega videogame pages, but that was a long time ago). The fact is the only way people will probably find this blog is through my soap page. I have been conscientious not to link to the blog from my soap pages, but I have linked to it from my "about me" page which is linked to on my soap page. I did this so as to not have to deal with "offended people" emailing me about coming here and reading something they did not like reading about. As of yet I haven’t really made any posts that might offend someone, well aside from the swingers thing.

I wonder if I say what I want to say at times on my blog will people not be able to discconect me from the soap page? Will people be angry and email me telling me I should not be saying or posting such things because of my soap page? Believe it or not, this has happened to me before! Usually though it is from something linked to from my soap page (chatrooms, webboards, other pages). Still, I got complaints based on something I said or something others said!

I’m not saying I’m going to go all political or make this some sexual filth blog or anything (my friends do read this!). But from time to time I would love to make posts about things that pop into my mind, things I see on TV or in the news, things that I know will end up pissing off someone out there.  So I guess I’m wondering what you all think?


Blog Poll

Given my name has become so attached to the soap pages, should I censor this blog, ie keep it PC and all that good stuff?

Yes, you have a reputation to uphold
Try to keep some kind of happy medium okay?
No, let it all hang out!