Get Out Of Bed You Sleepyhead!

I’m feeling lazy and drained today, which isn’t a good thing. For the past week or two I’ve been getting up earlier than normal and going to bed earlier than normal. I’m getting a lot more school work done in the day that way. Today I made the mistake of sleeping in, and I overslept. Now I’m tired and feeling yucky 🙁 Needless to say not much has gotten done since I’m working at a snails pace.

This Friday might be a fun night out. I was supposed to go to dinner with my old roommate and a friend last friday, but we had to cancel due to many things. We’ve rescheduled for this Friday and now more people are coming! No clue where we are eatting, but I think we are going to “that” club afterwards for dancing! Woohoo! A report on this night out should come this weekend, assuming anything fun comes from it.

A friend I made two cruises ago is planning to go to Vegas for a weekend at the end of April and invited me to go with her. I have never been but really want to go! I’m looking into tickets and hotels now, another friend has expressed interest in going too so we can split the cost of a hotel room. More later on this trip when I get some definites together! It’s a goal in life for me to get on Taxi Cab Confessions, I want to ride in Rita’s cab (the blonde husky voice driver).



3 Responses to “Get Out Of Bed You Sleepyhead!”

Melissa Says:

Vegas is fun! Harrahs (spell?) was super cheap! Make sure you save $$$ to see the many shows Vegas has to offer. You will have a blast!


jen Says:

oh definitely go its great!!! flamingo is not so fancy but has an amazing pool!! if not try mirage….stay on the strip its better…of course theres always hard rock and palms…i have never been to either but have heard stories!! have fun keep us posted


Heather Says:

Vegas is great, we went this time last year. Stayed at the Excalibur, which was priced okay. All the hotels seem really nice though. I agree, stay on the strip it’s a really awesome site.