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I Went With Nikko Afterall

I’m just no good with names, and really the two I thought sounded best were either TW or Nikko. I decided on Nikko as it’s a little more original sounding. Plus he thinks he can fly, he tries to squirm out of your hands if you hold him too long and jumps of things (they aren’t too high).


The Brave, Scratch that, Magical Little Puppy

I still haven’t named him, and I have to decide soon. He goes to the vet in 3 hours and I have to AKC register him. Not only has this little pup been able to climb a huge set of stairs, something Princess never dares to do indoors, he fricken got out of his crate last night somehow! At the moment I’m considering naming him Houdini!

update: I’ve decided the puppy definitely needs some kind of magically influenced name. Therefore I’m putting a new list together and am determined to decide by tonight!

TW Oz is still in the running, I’d just call him TW
Loki, the Norse god of magic and trickery
Magus (pronounced May-Gus), though it sounds too much like Maggots
King Oberon (I wanted to go with Puck, but that reminds me of that jerk from Real World).
Merlin is just too common of a magical name to use.

I have a book on Wizards my mom gave me for Christmas. I’ll look through it for some ideas as well. There are also good names from Harry Potter books I could use as well, but some of them might be bad luck (like to call him a character that has been or will be killed off in the next book!)


Help Me Name This Creature!

I cannot seem to make up my mind what to call this new puppy, so I made a little poll based on the names I’ve come up with so far. The first two names in the poll are from the “Wizard of Oz.” TW (The Wizard) Oz is pretty self explanatory. Nikko is the captain of the witches flying monkeys from the movie. The final three names in the list are names of ewoks from “Return of the Jedi.” This came up because when he growls he makes the exact same noise the ewoks do in the movie when they are mad (that weird trilling growl).



Christmas Over, New Years Yet To Come

So Christmas is gone, over, past. The next big holiday is New Years! I’m so looking forward to this, but right now plans are in shambles. Right now I’m supposed to spend the New Years with my friends, we’ll call them Marla and her out of town friend Nicole, Lila, Amelie and Jonathan. Kristen and Kevin may also be joining us. Because of the holidays we have been spread out over a few states. We are all making are way back to the Philly area this week. Since we’ve been spread out, talking and making plans hasn’t been that easy. Some of us are harder to get a hold of than others. We also don’t know what everyone can commit to. Some of us want to dance, some want to do dinner before dancing, we all want to drink and be merry. We haven’t picked a place to eat. Because it’s New Years, most places will require reservations and most will have some flat 60 dollar or higher dinner fee. I think we are going to chance it with a pub for dinner, or a diner if need be. Those of us who want to dance haven’t settled on a place to go either. I have a few clubs in mind, but Marla and Nicole might have other ideas. Who knows at this point!

All I know is, New Years better not turn into a drama filled suck fest!


Merry Christmas!

To You and Yours!


Cutest Dog In The World!

I went in favor of calling him Mr. Fezziwig, at least for the time being. He was too cute to be an Oz.


Off To Get The Puppy!

I’m leaving in thirty minutes to get the puppy! I have about a 2 1/2 hour drive to get him, and then the same distance back. I’ll be sure to have lots of photos up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Somehow I have to manage to get the spoilers and summaries done when I get back as well. Hopefully the puppy will go to sleep for a bit!


My Elf Name Is . . . .

Your Elf Name Is…

Fuzzy Tinsel Toes


Christmas Shopping

I was out most of the day Christmas Shopping. I thought I was done until fate intervened, long story that I don’t want to go into right now. Anwyas, I saw the coolest thing at Brookstones, but it’s only for rich people who can afford to throw money around. It was a digital picture frame that plays digital photos as a slide show! It was so cool. It was also $300. Like I said, it’s for rich people.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to leave you with an ornament photo. My very own Horton-like ball! Every year people email me asking where they can get these. I wish I knew! My mom got this long ago. I would say Miles Kimbles, but are they even around anymore? Perhaps Lillian Vernon sells them.


Christmas Photos Here!

So since I’ve been home I’ve been decorating what my mom and brother hadn’t done. I’m still working on it. Here are some photos however.

Obviously this is our Christmas tree 🙂