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Fiddling With The Layout

I wanted to try and make a more winter/holiday theme for the page, but I couldn’t find any pre-made ones I liked. So i’ve been trying to modify one, but it’s not coming out very nice lol. I have to fiddle with the top banner a bit more and I think it won’t look so bare.


Tis the Season For Movies and Stuff

This holiday season there are soooooo many good movies coming out. Well they look good at least.

Last night I went and saw “Rent.” I had never seen the stage show, but everyone who has loves it. My old roommate always told me if it ever came to Philly that I had to go see it with her. At the time I had no desire to see it. I didn’t really know what it was about, I just thought it was about some poor people in New York who couldn’t pay their rent. Well I went to see the movie last night after everyone told me I had to go see it. What a great movie! It was so sad, and it fuggin made me cry! If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it, but leave the kids at home. It deals with adult subject matter. I want to see it on Broadway now.

This Friday “Aeon Flux” comes out. That looks like it will either be good or a big dud. I will go see it though.

The week after “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” comes out. I just read (well listened) to the book again. It’s such a good story, so I can’t wait to see how they do it on the big screen. I have seen the BBC version done years ago, and while fun, you can tell it’s a BBC version :).

Two other movies which look great are “Rumor Has It” with Jennifer Aniston, Shirley McClain and Keven Costner; as well as the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

Oh and of course, if you haven’t gone to see Harry Potter, why the hell not?


iTunes Recommendations

So I’m seeking some recommendations on song downloads. I don’t know what to download though. I’m trying to recall some songs I have heard on the radio that I really like, but there aren’t many. I’m also limited to what I can get legally online. I refuse to go the illegal route, fearing lawsuits and also spyware!

So I’m turning to you my readers. Any recommendations? I normally tend to like pop, dance and electronic music mostly. I like rock music, but not really today’s rock. I prefer the rock of the 80s and early 90s. However I want new songs, not old songs from my childhood and early twenties.

So I guess pop, dance and electronic type music. No rap, hip-hop or country please 🙂 Any recommendations? Oh, please no boy bands either. Sorry, I can’t deal with them!


Black Friday

Did anyone brave the crowds to go shopping for the before noon sales? I just couldn’t make myself do it. The only things I was interested in were DVDs, and I just couldn’t make myself do it. I didn’t need to save 5 bucks that badly. Maybe if I was buying ten DVDs or so, but not for 2-3 of them. The crowds, the lines, the traffic, so not worth it!


Doggy Steps

So I just saw a commercial for Doggy Steps! I have seen them before in stores and considered getting them, but they were always pricey.

Princess is such a baby when it comes to getting up on the couch to sit with me or getting up and down from the bed. She won’t do it! The bed is too high for her to begin with, but the couch isn’t. I have a little foot cushion/rest thing (I forget the proper name) and have tried to use it as a step for her. She won’t do it. She demands to be picked up and put on the couch, though she can jump off it just fine. Hmm, given she won’t climb up on the foot rest, maybe I should save my money on these steps. She probably won’t use them. She’s so silly, she’ll do steps if they are outside, but in the house she is petrified of the stairs.

Oh yeah, I’d like to point something out in the photo to the left. Does it look like the dog is climbing into the trunk of the car or what!


Oh Yeah, The Polar Express

Was cute, creepy, but cute.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I just finished watching the Macy’s Day Parade. Gosh is it ever dull! It used to be so fun as a kid, you’d watch it to see which Saturday Morning Cartoon would have a float. I remember He-Man floats, Superfriends floats, Spiderman floats. Now it’s all boring floats, probably because there are no more Saturday Morning Cartoons. I also think it’s funny when they pull out someone like the Beach Boys to “sing” a Christmas song that you know was recorded 20 some years ago!

Now the Dog show is on. I just entered Princess in the online dog show at When her entry is up I’ll post the link here and on the soap site. I’m pimping my dog so she wins!

So it’s Thanksgiving, and it is a time to be thankful. I’m thankful for my family, friends and loved ones; my health; my Princess and her brother to come.


I never did figure out the whole MySpace profile and how to change the boring default template. Oh well. I don’t have time for that now.

Anyways, here is a link to my profile, if anyone wants to see it. I also put a link on the side bar.

Dustin’s MySpace Profile


The Polar Express

I almost rented “The Polar Express” yesterday at Blockbuster, and I may go back and rent it tonight if they have any copies left. However, the movie just seems creepy! There is something not natural about it. I loved the CGI they used in the Final Fantasy movie, but it seemed to fit it as it was a videogame movie. With a Christmas movie it just comes off as evil.

Did anyone see the movie? Was it any good?


Music, Awards and Movies

I started off the night watching “The American Music Awards” while working on some page updates. Now that Cyndi appeared, I think I can turn it off. I don’t care about anyone else really. Oh wait, hell, they just said the Eurythmics will be on. I do want to see them.

Once they are done I’m going to watch “War of the Worlds.” I honestly don’t know why I rented it, I can’t stand Tom Cruise. I’ll probably need a drink to get through it. Did any of you see the South Park this past week where they made fun of Tom? I’m so upset I missed it, and because of Thanksgiving they aren’t replaying it this week! They have Thanksgiving episodes! Here is a link to CNN’s Coverage of the episode and if Tom has any grounds to sue.

And finally, to end this odd post and bring it back to the topic of music, check out this WEIRD rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. (Warning! There are butts shown in this if nudity offends you. Also it helps if you don’t have your browser full screen because otherwise the video is really pixelated.)