I put up a little poll on my blog (to the right) to see what people wanted to hear more about. At the time I’m writing this it is school! I’m about to sit down and do some work on my dissertation, but I thought I’d share a bit more about my schooling, specifically the classes I’ve taught.

Cultures of the World – I was a TA for this class once. This class is about introducing cultural anthropology to students as well as exposing them to three non-western cultures. If I had designed the class I would have enjoyed teaching it more I think. The best part of this class was when we studied McDonalds in various Asian countries and how they differ from our own McDonalds.

Introduction to Anthropology – This class teaches students about the four fields of anthropology (Cultural, Linguistics, Physical, Archaeology). This class is often called the race course because it focuses on how race is constructed and studied. I have taught this class a few times and enjoy it. My favorite parts of this class are when we study Tonja Harding (the construction of “white trash”) and when we study how Disney portrays race in their films.

Origins of Cultural Diversity – This class introduces students to evolution, the spread of humans across the world, the introduction of agriculture and civilizations. I have taught this class the most, and I enjoy it the most. My favorite subjects to teach are Easter Island, Stonehenge and the Bog Mummies.

Courses I’d like to teach . . . . .

American Culture (I almost did once)

Popular Culture

The Anthropology of Religion

The Anthropology of Death and Dying


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