Grandpa’s Head

Another one from Dustin’s Spooky Files! This one really isn’t as much of a ghost story as it is a psychic dream. I do have more ghost stories to tell, as our family seems to attract them 🙂

When I was in the 7th grade, my grandparents went to New York to visit relatives up there for Christmas. Being a kid, I didn’t think much of the fact that they had been gone for awhile. One night however I had a strange dream. I walked out of my house and in the middle of my street stood my grandfather. He looked at me, clutched his head, and fell to his knees. He said something about his head hurting very bad, and then fell completely to the ground.

The next day my mother sat me down to have a talk. Grandpa was very sick, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him. He had been in the hospital for some time, and they believed he was probably going to die. My mother and father had known about the illness for some time, but had not told my brother and I. My mom was telling me know because my father was preparing to head to NY to be with my grandfather, and she knew I would ask questions. I told my mother about my dream, I was certain the cause of the illness had to do with my grandfather’s head. My mom said the doctors had checked him out completely, nothing was wrong that they could find. All they knew is he had come down with pneumonia and rapidly gotten sicker.

A few days after my dad had gone to NY, my grandfather miraculously did a 180 and was awake and getting better. Again, the doctors did not know what was going on.

My grandfather soon became ill again very quickly, and within a few days passed away. The doctors never figured out exactly what happened to him, but apparently there was something amiss with his brain. He had a cancer like virus of some sorts that they had never seen, and they believe his pneumonia triggered it. They claimed it was probably something he had had for a long time but was dormant, and the pneumonia brought it out of its dormancy. Hooky I know, but that is the best reason they could give.

Dreams, they are weird and mysterious things. This was not the only time I had dreamt something that was to come true or really happening, but it was the most significant. Often my dreams give me signals of seemingly pointless events that happen a day or two in the future, and I usually don’t put it together until the event occurs. The only time it has really come in handy was when I dreamt the questions on a history test 🙂 And no, I have no way of controlling this, it just happens. I’m also no Allison Dubois. I can however control my dreams if I choose to.



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Jill Says:

Hi Dustin. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I LOVE your website. I check it every day for updates and have been for about a year now. The Blog was the perfect addition to it!!!!