Princess Bumbles Gets A Sibling

Because I’m a glutton for punishment I’m getting another dog. I’ve decided Princess needs a companion, someone to keep her company when I’m not home or when I have work to do and can’t play with her. Princess loves attention and gets a little upset when she doesn’t get it.

I got Princess almost a year ago. She’s a West Highland Terrier. As many of you might know, I named her Princess Bumbles after the abominable snowman character from the holiday show “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

I’m currently in contact with her breeder about the new pup, which I won’t be getting till fall. While I’d love to get the dog sooner, this does actually give me time to have some fun this fall in the city with friends. Once the dog comes my social life will be over for a few months as it’s hard leaving a puppy for more than an hour at a time (for me at least, and for the house which he or she will pee and poop all over). I don’t think I’m getting another Westie though, even though many readers have encouraged me to do so. I think I’m going with a Cairn Terrier this time around. They are of the same size roughly so it will be a good match. We’ll see, both options are available.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos of her at (that’s a link BTW). I wanted to set up a photo album on this blog, but have been having issues doing so. On that site you can also view some of my past cruises and vacations. I actually have many more photos I should add to those vacation logs, but I just haven’t yet. Some photos actually need to be scanned first. I also tried my best to put descriptions for the photos, but I soon got bored and gave up. I’ll put finishing that on my long list of things to do :).


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