Summer pet karma strikes again!

It seems like every summer I end up having issues with my animals, which of course is the time of year my salary is down because I’m not teaching (that will change come next summer most likely). This year it’s just been problem after problem though. I need some good pet Karma to come my way!

First, Princess began having seizures. She’s coming up on 13 years old, so I was worried. After a round of antibiotics and being put on anti-seizure meds, they seem to have stopped. We still don’t know what caused them, whether it was an infection, age, or a brain issue. I still may have to have an MRI done on her, especially if they begin again.

While all this was going on, our ten year old cat Percy decided to up and become ill. He had been losing weight for awhile, but was always eating. I mean always begging for food. I had suspected it was a thyroid disorder, as we went through that with another cat. However he within two days stopped eating and became catatonic basically. Rushed him to the vet to find out his lungs were filled with fluid and tumors. We had to put him down. This especially sucked because he was the first cat that I felt was really mine. He slept with me when I took naps, always bugged me for food, and was really the only lap cat we had. We are now down to just Mew Mew and Grimm in the kitty department.

I had begun putting out feelers for a kitten on social media. I got lots of referrals, but a friend’s mother has a new litter and one is a black female. The first cat I ever had was a black girl, so I was sold. We should, knock on wood, be getting her in a few weeks if not sooner.

Then along came a crazy love bird. Someone pulled into the farm one morning and dumped a peach face love bird, in a fully stocked cage, in the parking lot and just drove off. What the hell! So we took it in, and I still don’t know what will happen to it. I need to get it to the vet for a check up. There are people to take it if we don’t want it. I’ve been waiting to see if the bird will calm down and warm up to sitting on my finger and singing to me. So far it hasn’t.

To add more drama to the mix, the rabbit decided to go into GI stasis. This is when they stop eating and pooping regularly, which can kill them. He’s been through it 2 or 3 times before, but he’s now 8 years old which is up there for a rabbit. So that, and the crazy bird, is what I’m dealing with now.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines Day, Easter

Yeah yeah, it’s been ages since I posted. So here are some catch-up photos. Christmas decorations and New Years in Cape May. Been busier than hell with work, but on spring break now. Just in time for the one and only possible real snow storm of the winter. 8-12 inches, maybe as much as 17 or 18. Should be a blast!


Halloween 2016!

Happy Halloween!


Cape May Here I Come!

So since my last update I did make it to Gettysburg, which as far as ghosts go was a total bust. I canceled my trip to Hershey Park though to save money, as well as that was the weekend a possible hurricane was going to hint. Yeah, nothing happened.

This weekend I’m heading back to Cape May for a ghost weekend, and will be there in October and November as well. Hopefully it will be more active than Gettysburg was the last time. I still want to go back to Gettysburg, especially since finding out the battlefield is open until 10pm. I had no idea! If I can get there during a warmer week in the winter then I can have a good 5 hours in the dark out there hunting for ghosts.

My birthday just passed and I got the new Apple Watch and a drone as gifts. Well, the Apple Watch I bought for myself as I really wanted one haha!


Planning some Mini-Breaks

I like that term mini-break, because it makes me feel like Bridget Jones 🙂 Anyways, I’m planning two quick local ones before going back to teaching at the end of the month. I’m heading to Gettysburg again with Laurie for an investigation at the Dave Stewart Farm, and I’m staying at the very haunted Tillie Pierce B&B. I am so excited! Then the weekend of my birthday I’m looking at going to Hershey, PA. I haven’t been on a rollercoaster in a few years, and it’s time to fix that. I would be doing Hershey Park, the Renaissance Fair out there, and Indian Caverns. I would also try and do a ghost walk in downtown Lancaster, PA as well.

In the fall I’ll be doing a lot of trips down to Cape May for the haunted B&B that Laurie and I do ghost events at. In two weeks we are also doing a local haunted whore house from the 1800s! I should have a lot of fun things to share over the next few months. I still have some audio I need to post from the trip to West Virginia we made back in June to visit a very haunted prison.

We so need our own show. Haha!


Ghostly voices from Cape May

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the evidence I gathered from the place we investigate down in Cape May. The bed and breakfast is called Elaine’s, and the original building to the late 1800s. We will be back there in the fall, but have a few other places lined up over the summer. I can’t wait. The next one is an asylum in West Virginia!

This was recorded in October of 2015 at Elaine’s in Cape May, NJ. I had been using the divining rods to talk to the spirits, and they were really going insane. I was also doing an EVP session during it. The first file is the actual unaltered file. The second one I enhanced and flipped the backward speech so you can understand it.

Me: Is anybody here with us?
Voice: Carmella (Carmello?)

My divining rods jingle.
Bizarre sound (backwards speech) (“That’s Me? It’s Me?”)

Me: Can you tell us you’re name?
Voice: I can’t (I can?)

This was an Echovox session done on May 22nd at around 1AM. Echovox is a program that spits out random phonemes through a speaker, then picks them (plus your voice and any other ghostly voices aka EVPs) and spits them back out on a set delay. I had it set on a 5 second delay this night. Unfortunately my normal speaker didn’t have a charge, so we used a friends, which didn’t have a very long cord. So it caused some feedback. This is the unfiltered recording straight from the EchoVox app. Below I will add the time stamps for the voices we thought we heard. Most of these seem to not be using the apps phonemes to speak, but seem to be a delayed EVP through the microphone. We heard laughing and what seemed to be an old time radio playing, which should be impossible given the app only spits out phonemes.

Important time stamps for the voices we heard . . . .

1:24 Me: Did it just say my name?
Voice: Psychic
Laurie: It just said psychic.

1:55 Me: Can you tell us your name? (echos a bit as this is what the app does)
2:07 Voice: F*ck You!
Me, Laure, Woman: Stunned and laughing at what was said.

We ask for a name again and at 2:43 get “Not Me?”

3:30 Laurie: James? (This is the name of the main ghost in the bar)
Voice: Hello!

4:43 We begin to get some very unusual interference, like an old radio broadcast. One of the women thought it almost sounded like people listening to a ball game. The bar was once a private gentleman’s club.

Important time stamps for the voices we heard . . . .

1:33 Laurie: Is there someone else here?
Voice: Yes

At 4:43 We hear very low “Heee Heee Hee” as if someone is laughing at us. Repeats again at 5:55. This keeps continuing on in other parts of the session too.

5:33 Laurie: Do you think we’re funny?
5:44 Creepy voice laughs “Hee Hee Hee” and then “Frank?”

6:11 Laurie: What do you want to tell us?
Voice: It’s cold

7:15 Laurie: How many of you are there?
Two Voices: 5

7:33 Another creepy “Ha Ha Ha” laugh.

8:42 Laurie: Why do you stay?
Voice: Dead

8:58 Laurie: Why are you still here?
Voice: Ha Ha Ha!

9:14 Laurie: Do you like it here?
Voice: Yes


Cape May Adventures

I know, it has been forever since I’ve updated. I’ve been swamped with work, I’m working three (yes three) jobs. I’m teaching, I’m back working on the soap sites, and I’m a tour guide in Philly. I literally have NO time anymore it seems.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I hit Cape May with my friend Laurie as part of the the ghost hunts we do. It was dead as far as the ghosts go, no pun intended, but we had a lot of time to walk around and site see. We are going back next weekend, and hopefully the ghosts will be a little more active. We also have a battlefield investigation coming up, and then over the summer a penitentiary down in West Virginia, and an old brothel here in Jersey. We may try and hit Gettysburg again too. Oh and The General Warren in over in PA!


More Reno!

So we are in the process of yet more fun home renovations. Our downstairs bathroom ceiling finally caved in under a slow water leak during the one big snowstorm we got this year. Now the downstairs bathroom has been torn out and we are having it expanded and redone. So we are sadly back to only one bathroom again.


Belated New Year Post

So yeah, it’s been a long time since I blogged. I know, I know. I have been in a funk, and the holidays didn’t help. I didn’t decorate for Halloween, I didn’t decorate for Christmas, and for the first time since I was probably 12 I didn’t stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve. I was in bed and asleep by 8:30!

Sadly, due to a lot of circumstances, there is no cruise or vacation happening this year. That is probably a big part of the reason I’m in a funk. To make things worse, John’s mother is sick and so far much of his time off has been devoted to taking care of her. We haven’t even been able to schedule time to go see “Star Wars,” it’s that bad. (Oh I saw it on my own on opening day of course!) On top of this, other family issues have him doing more at the farm during their down time. It’s basically like he’s still working 12 hours a day even when he’s off, so we have no down time to spend together.

There was talk about a 2-3 day short trip somewhere, but now that likely won’t happen because of his mother’s health and because my Spring semester starts shortly. We only have that 2 week window each year where we are both off and can get away for extended periods of time, and that window is closing. I at least have a few “investigations” planned over the next month or two with some friends, some over nights to Cape May as part of the investigations a friend and I do, and one investigation in June that will be a quick little getaway. Right now though, I’m basically waiting for it to hit John that he gets no vacation this year, and for him to blow a fuse over it. It won’t be pretty!



So it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful that John’s brother is NOT living with us. Yes that is right! He is staying in this small, vacant, creepy house down the street that the farm owns and rents out. It’s going to be investigated by me and my friends in January when he leaves it, because it just screams “ghosts!” Apparently it used to be the house of a brother and sister who lived together and never married . . . That’s so “Flowers in the Attic!”

Anyways, here is your annual “Turkey Lurkey” time video. For once I am not cooking anything Thanksgiving related. I may make a steak and have a side of spinach, as I’m currently working to lose weight and get in shape again. I may splurge and get Chinese food if anything is open.